Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Horror Nights XX 2010 Review & Photos!

It is the 20th year of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. Its been 19 years of bringing terror into the halloween season. It began in 1991 called Fright Nights than later renamed in 1992 as Halloween Horror Nights. Its an annual event that happens at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Halloween Horror nights features Haunted houses, Shows and Scareszones. Last year was my first year at Halloween Horror Nights, and I loved it! It was truly an amazing event. This is my review of this years Halloween Horror Nights.

Halloween Horror Nights XX:

How the rating system goes: 1 being not awesome, while 10 being most Awesome!


Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past
Score: 10/10 AWESOME!

Description: "The name brings with it millions of tales, each filled with thousands of screams. Now, you have the opportunity to travel into a realm where Horror Nights isn't just an event, but a reality."

This was one of my favorite houses. The detail that went into this house was pretty epic! I felt like I was walking through a Halloween Horror Nights museum. Its had different scenes from other houses from the past. Like the Alice in Wonderland from Scary Tales, Dead Exposure, The Spawning from last year, etc. This is one of houses where you have to go through it multiple times just to see everything like all the props in the warehouse scene. The second time I went through I saw Spine girl's spine get ripped out from the Body Collector, it had some great sound effects. 

Catacombs: Black Death Rising
Score: 10/10 AWESOME!

Description: "During a plague of Paris and Marseilles in 1534, thousands died due to an undisclosed viral outbreak. A group of doctors took it upon themselves to quarantine the most infected citizens of the city. They had no way of knowing that the townspeople would betray them, sealing them into their doom. They have been unable to escape for almost five hundred years. Now that the dead inside have found a way out, they are rising to take their centuries old vengeance on any living being that dares to enter the Catacombs"

I don't what it is was about this house, but I really enjoyed it! It had such a great design and theming. Also had many great scares that got me good. One great scare was during one scene where a airblast would hit your feet then a scareactor would come up from the left side. 

Havoc: Dogs of War
Score: 7/10

Description: "Ten years ago, the Shadowcreek Enterprise was tasked with developing an elite corp of soldiers. They succeeded. Through an inhalant that includes a compound of testosterone, adrenaline, and other anesthetics, Shadow Creek's latest run of volunteer test subjects are ready for inspection. The project name: HAVOC. The subjects are known simply as the Dogs of War."

I can't quite remember much on this house. Due to I only went through it once. I remember it had alot of great energy throughout the house as well as great scares. I remember one scene looked very similar to the spawning house last year, the scene where two pipes on the left and ride side with scare-actors grabbing at you from both sides.

Score: 9/10

Description: "The United States government has re-taken the continental United States, and is actively engaged in clearing the remaining infested pockets of Canada. The government also licenses and sanctions private companies to capture "un-live" subjects and use them as practical targets during these training sessions. Dozens of independent training consultant "companies" spring up, promising the best training that money can buy...and then there's ZAP...The Zombie Awareness Program."

Zombies! Who doesn't love Zombies? This was this year's comedy house. When you enter the house you are greeted by Z.A.P as they show you how to defend yourself when faced with a zombie. Throughout the house there were funny posters and even zombies babies. This house turns from funny to scare real fast. I remember seeing Jack's face during the carnival scene.

The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes
Score: 8/10

Description: "Ashes to ashes, forever now dust. For years she has existed in the shadows, never getting her due. Misunderstood by all around her, she has had enough of her playthings at the Good Harvest Orphanage - now is the time for vengeance. This burned out shell contains the souls of the forgotten and the lost who all scream one name: Cindy."

When entering this house you get sense that the building is burning with smoke like smells. There is even a live fire effect towards the end. In this house you will come across Cindy along with other orfanage kids that wear creepy animal masks. Which took the creepy factor way up. I really enjoyed this House, I truly felted I was in a burning building.

Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate
Score: 10/10 AWESOME!

Description: "The Spirit Seekers have created a machine to attract spirits, and are broadcasting live from one of the most "hanuted" sites in the US. Ghosts of the Wyandot Estates, built by Malcolm and Lydia Wyandot, are told to have inhabited there since Malcolm killed his wife, 13 guests and himself on October 30, 1929. Now as the murdered hear their call they answer the team with terrible violence."

Now this House was Amazing! Its also another one of my favorites. The only negative part is the most of the effects are timed. So you had to go through it a few times to truly see all the great scare effects! Luckily I saw them all during my first time through. One effect that got me the most, was the scene where 3 demon faces where shown on the walls and along with three loud bangs then a scareactor appears. That one made me jump. Also the Ghost Chair was a great effect. The Storyteller appeared in this house as well.

PsychoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook
Score: 8/10

Description: "The truth, as they say, is far stranger than fiction, and in this instance they happen to be correct. Although Shadybrook's doors have indeed been closed for the last 15 years, the place is still very much alive with all of the criminally insane souls that have ever walked its halls."

This was a very interesting house. It had a alot great scare-actors that gave me the creeps. Theming and was lighting was great. There was also a red button located inside the house, if you pushed it you get a nice surprise! ;) 

Hades: The Gates of Ruin:
Score: 9/10

Description: "Hades bids you welcome. Make your way into the Underworld, and come face to face with the most terrifying creatures of legend as you cross through the Gates of Ruin."

I love entrance to this house. The entrance is a cave with what appears to be Hades face. With red eyes and smoke coming from the eyes and nose. This had alot of great costumes, like medusa, cyclopes, and even the kraken. This house was one of the scarier ones. 


HHN: 20 years of Fear
10/10 AWESOME!

Description: "Step into the shadows of the last Twenty Years of Fear. Move toward the lantern, and encounter the most frightening characters of Halloween Horror Nights past."

It was great to see scare-actors that I have never seen before, along with some similar favorites. Like Frankinstien, Chucky, Mary Shaw, and the Crypt Keeper. This was one of my favorite scarezones.

Fear Revealed-

Description: "The souls of Chaos, Death, Sacrifice, Mythos and Vengeance — He created them and gave them terror. Each with a part to play, they fulfilled their tasks. Their malice provided him bone, their rage gave him blood, and their terror fulfilled his soul. What has been 19 cycles for some have been eons for him. He’s waited patiently for the final piece, and now on the 20th cycle… HE IS REVEALED."

Another one of my favorites. This is where you can face Fear along with The Storyteller, The Usher, Jack the clown, The Director, and The Caretaker. I loved seeing past icons that I have never seen before. Cindy and also Jack's brother were in the scarezone as well! I loved Cindy, she was great! 

Zombie Gras-
10/10 AWESOME!

Description: "This Mardi Gras parade has gone severely off course. Infected by the North American zombie infestation, the undead walk among us, searching for their next meal..."

Very Intense scarezone! The scareactors did a amazing job scaring the people around them. I loved how the ZombieGeddon house lend into the scarezone, nice touch! There was also a great fire effect on the side that make you jump if you didn't see it coming. This was also another favorite of mine.

Saws n' Steam-

Description:"Enormous trenches in the earth’s crust have opened below its vast oceans, exposing them to intense heat. Steam power is essential to the inhabitants of New Yorkshire, but diminishing oceans have put the city in jeopardy, forcing the citizens to evil lengths. Beware upon entering the city, as the water in your body is now a coveted resource. And the citizens will stop at nothing to get it."

Small scarezone but tons of scares. Who knew a small scarezone would be packed with so much action. This was one of the more scarier scareszones, lots of chainsaws here. The great amounts of fog hid the scareactors well, I didn't see it coming. I also remember getting wet there.

The Coven-

Description: "The Cult of the Raven has unsettled spirits, and its Sirens are screaming throughout the witches’ realm. As you creep past their obelisk, beware their spells. For those who don’t believe will be condemned to death."

I loved the Witches costumes in this scarezone. A few great scares in this zone, like the witch that would race out of the tent along with loud sound effects. I never saw the burning victim, though.

Esquelo Muerte-

Description: "Revel in the seductive taunts of Death as you wind through a glowing skeletal nightmare."

Esquelo Muerte was such an Interesting scarezone. Wasn't quite scary but had an amazing atmosphere, it gave off a "Day of the Dead" feel. The costumes were great, with the blacklights and glow in the dark paint. I enjoyed this scarezone alot!


Bill & Ted Excellent Halloween Adventure
Score: 6/10

Description: "Party on as those two most excellent dudes return to skewer the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture."

It had alot of great laughs, but I felt it was lacking in some way. But it had alot of hilarious moments. They parodied Justin Bieber, Twilight, Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga, Iron Man, and Katy Perry.

Brian Brushwood: Menace and Malice
Score: ?

Description: "Experience two realms of bizarre magic by one of the country’s most outrageous illusionists."

I didn't get a chance to see this show.

Overall: I think Halloween Horror Nights was great this year. All the houses were amazing and there was definitely more scares this year! They did an incredible job this year. I can't wait to see what they put on next year!~


P.s I included photos of the HHN 20 years of Fear during the daytime! 
Also I'm making a separate post for the V.I.P Lounge. :)


  1. The Zombie Gras and Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure are my favorite ones you reviewed. I also like the Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes one...that one sounded kool to be in. Awesome blog Brittany! Can't wait for the next one.

    You took some stellar pics by the way. ;)

  2. lol you gave one a 6. how sad. but then, it made fun of celebs. but, although i don't really like any of those that were mentioned, why so much hate? i don't really like professional parodies :<

    the costumed people in the pictures look funny. :D it may be, though, because they were taken during the day time :T

  3. Sounds like it is more fun than Halloween Haunt. I like the thought of a zombie themed Mardi Gras, that could be really cool.

  4. HAHA this is better than wikipedia.

    and this really makes me wish i could gooo. taaaake meeeee. let's dress up as zombies and flash people for mardi gras beads. ;_;