Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fright Nights Returns For A Second Year At The Winchester Mystery House

Fright Nights at Winchester Mystery House was hands down my favorite Haunt Attraction from 2011. It had everything I wanted in maze and more. I was amazed from all the work they put on for their first year. To the sets, the scares, the music, etc. I was completely in love with this Haunt. Fright Nights returns to the Winchester Mystery House for a second year with the "Curse Of Sarah Winchester Resurrection" maze and an all new flashlight tour. They just released an official trailer on September 5 for this year's event, watch if you dare...

"For a lifetime, Sarah Winchester built and built and rebuilt her house to avoid this treacherous curse and escape her husband’s legacy of damnation. But this Halloween, a portal, a gateway between Heaven and Hell, has been irretrievably opened. Those who perished long ago are seeking revenge, now ready to sacrifice souls before midnight strikes. 

Guests find themselves trapped inside a mansion empowered by the undead, traveling through the Corn Fields of Winchester Mystery House, into the haunted ruins of the family Graveyard and ultimately, a showdown with Sarah herself in the middle of one of her infamous séances.

Survive it all, LIVE, only at Winchester Mystery House."

The maze length will 40 minutes of heart pounding terror! I'm excited to see what new additions they bring to the table as well as new unexpected scares! Check out my review from last year! http://frightbites.blogspot.com/2011/10/fright-nights-at-winchester-mystery.html

On Fright Nights official twitter page they had announced all new Flashlight Tour for this year's event. The Flashlight Tour was a great addition to add along side of the maze last year. Hearing the chilling supernatural stories while venturing through this mysterious house was a great addition to the Halloween season. Check out the description below for information on this all new tour.

"Tour the mansion as you never have before…on your own. Since her death, millions of people have visited Sarah’s home and many have reported sighting ghosts. Do the phantoms she communed with in life, or perhaps Sarah herself, still lurk nightly in the maze-like corridors of the Winchester Mystery House? You'll tour the rambling, mysterious mansion with only the moonlight, a souvenir flashlight, and your imagination to provide illumination through the bewildering labyrinth of rooms and stairways.

Guests experience bone-chilling creatures and blood-curdling moments as they find themselves trapped inside the mansion empowered by the undead."

"On your own" This creeps me out and excites me at the same time. I wonder how different it will be, only one way to find out!

Heres a photo of the special Fright Nights Flashlight that was given out on the Flashlight Tours along with Fright Nights lanyard I purchased at the Winchester Mystery House giftshop last year. I love the pins!

This year one of Fright Nights sponsors, Psycho Donuts will create a Fright Nights donut for this year's event. In August, Psycho Donuts asked If you were a Fright Nights Donut what would you be on their Facebook page. Responses included spiderwebs designs, the number 13, to donuts shaped like winchester rifles. Can't wait to see what donut made the cut!

Check out all the frightfully donut good ideas here: https://www.facebook.com/psychodonuts/posts/330570197036777

Fright Nights Information and Fright Bites tips!

-Tickets are available now! Buy them before they disappear...

-Visit Fright Nights early in the season! The closer to Halloween the more crowed. The more crowed and you get a conga line...

-Go through the maze more than once. With each visit through the maze you always spot something new along with more unexpected scares. Get the VIP pass, trust me you want to go through this maze again and again. It's worth it!

-Northern California residents! Costco is selling a ticket 2-pack for $54.99. Awesome deal!

Fright Nights Official Site: http://winchestermysteryhouse.com/frightnights.cfm

Stay updated follow Fright Nights on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WMHFrightNights

Fright Nights Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WMHFrightNights

Fright Nights begins on September 28th! Some Legends Never Die!


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