Monday, September 3, 2012

San Jose's Annual Zombie-O-Rama IV Overview

 The zombies are coming...

On August 31st the undead invaded downtown San Jose in California for the fourth annual event called Zombie-O-Rama. This was my first year going to a Zombie event and it did not disappoint. It was definitely smaller than I expected but it was alot of fun. This event included several booths of different horror attractions, vendors, food trucks, live music, zombie fashion shows, costume contests, zombie crawls, and an outside showing of the classic film "Shaun of the Dead".

This is also family friendly event. Kids that dress up as zombies and can even take part in a zombie kid parade. Who knew zombie kids could be cute?

California's Great America Halloween Haunt hearse was in on the action too with their prize wheel. This prize wheel gave lucky zombies a chance to win Haunt tickets and very cool posters. I was lucky enough to win a poster. To add there was even Halloween Haunt zombies and ghouls scaring and entertaining guests during the event, it was a very nice touch.

Additionally here is a picture of the Halloween Haunt poster I won from the prize wheel. They were also handing out Resident Evil Retribution posters at the event. Very fitting!

Local food eateries got in the zombie spirit too! For example my favorite donut place of all time, Psycho Donuts! Psycho Donuts always puts a smile on my face with the creativity that goes into their donuts. For Zombie-O-Rama they had their special zombie inspired donuts to fuel up fellow zombies. The two zombie donuts were Zombie Crawler and Zombie Ballz. Zombie Crawler was a undead honey wheat glazed cake donut with oreo dust on top. As for the Zombie Ballz they were described as "These Ballz have risen from the dead! Covered with green tea glaze, oreo dust, and that yummy zombie blood" I tried both zombie donuts and they were delicious!

Zombie Crawler

Zombie Ballz

Also at the event was this cute hot dog stand called Dead Dogs. Their set up was awesome, I give them props! Look at this awesomeness here!

More photos:


Overall, this was a fun filled zombie event. I really enjoyed seeing the creative zombie costumes. Like zombie unicorns and even zombie clowns with chainsaws. It made me wish I dressed up for the event. Next time it shall be done! I did not get a chance to witness the zombie crawl but I'm sure it was a site to see! If you like to know more about Zombie-O-Rama, check out the links down below.

Zombie-O-Rama info:

Official Website:


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