Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fright Bites Review: Appygraph App

Hey Halloween fans! Want to send a cute free Halloween message to your friends and family on Halloween? Then check out Appygraph! This app just launched it's most spooky collection yet, just in time for Halloween. Here's more about the app below:

"Appygraph captures little moments of happiness and makes it easy to build connections with your loved ones through your smartphone. The cards carry emotions much better than plain text messages and provide an instant, simple and easy-to-use alternative to traditional cards. You can also easily upgrade to collections based on a theme or season to share with friends and family. It’s never been easier to tell someone you’re thinking about them at milestones in your life, or to send seasonal messages when holidays come around."
"The app provides a new way to send cards to friends when you’re on the go. Cards can be texted from phone to phone anywhere in the world, allowing your friend or loved one to immediately receive and enjoy your personalized greeting. Your beautifully customized cards can also be shared for free on Facebook, email, iMessage and other third-party services (such as WhatsApp) allowing friends and family to enjoy your own pictures and messages included in the card."
Appygraph was founded by a Swiss couple named Charles and Valérie Massin. Together they combine Valérie's beautiful artwork with Charles’ coding skills exploring all possible possibilities.
After testing the app out myself, I really love how this app is easy to use and how you can add your own photos on the E cards.This app also has a nice selection of cards to choose from as well as free cards. Who doesn't love free stuff? I love the seasonal selections of cards, especially the Halloween ones! Overall it's a very nice and simple app to have.This app is free to download on the iTunes store.
Here's examples of the Halloween cards you can choose from!

Very cute indeed!

Try it out and send a Halloween card or two. :) Spread the Halloween love! 

Happy Halloween!!!


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