Thursday, June 13, 2013

Knott's Scary Farm 2013 Maze Update: Pinocchio Unstrung Returns


 (Photo from Knott's Scary Farm's Facebook page.)

Knott's Scary Farm has made another new announcement for their annual Halloween Haunt event. Their latest reveal was a brand new Edgar Allan Poe themed maze called Forevermore. Though this new announcement didn't present anything new, it didn't disappoint. Pinocchio Unstrung is a returning maze to this year's event. It made it's debut last year during the 40th Halloween Haunt and was a huge hit!

Here's the announcement from their official Facebook page: 

Returning Maze!


Several years after the blue fairy denies him his final wish, Pinocchio erupts in a wild killing spree, where he and his army of murderous marionettes seek the fles...h from his former masters to cover his twisted, wooden body.

Revenge comes with no strings attached.

From the demented mind of Haunt Maze Designer Daniel Miller - the twisted creator of Delirium, Fallout Shelter and many others.

Think you know the whole story? Think again. Pinocchio Unstrung returns for 2013 with more surprises, more twists and turns....and more insanity. Be careful what you wish for..."

I'm glad that Pinocchio Unstrung is a returning maze at this year's event. I absolutely fell in love with this maze. Especially with it's highly detailed sets and captivating story. You'll definitely want to go through this maze more then once to fully grasp the whole twisted experience. I'm looking forward to revisiting this dark nightmarish fairy tale once again!

Check out this Pinocchio Unstrung preview from 2012 video:

And so the waiting game continues, be sure to keep a close eye on Knott's Scary Farm's Facebook page for upcoming announcements!


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