Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo Report: Halloween Finds Around Half Moon Bay

On Monday I went to Half Moon Bay to escape the crazy heat wave. Luckily it was overcast, my favorite kind of weather. The quite little town of Half Moon Bay has shops, restaurants, and is known for their annual event, the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival that is held in October. During my trip I spotted some rather spooky finds along with some extinct creatures. Here are photos from my spooktacular excursion, enjoy!

While walking around Half Moon Bay, I spotted this cute haunted house sign in the distance. I'm wasn't quite sure why it was there, perhaps a spooky little attraction during the Halloween season? 

After walking around the town, stopped at the Moonside Bakery and Cafe to get some lunch. They had this pumpkin deliciousness, as seen here. Had to try it for my love of all things pumpkin! It was so moist and fresh, it tasted like fall. 

The Moonside Bakery and Cafe also had these lovely themed cookies, very fitting. 

Found these cute zombie hats at a local bookstore called Ink Spell Books. They also had zombie themed games and books at their store. I remember I saw these zombie hats before on Think Geek, they are on sale now on their site!

While driving out of Half Moon Bay I spotted this bring red sign that said, "Carnivorous Plants". Sadly this place was closed on my visit, I did peek into the window and saw some interesting plants inside. I must check this out next time. Who doesn't love carnivorous plants?

On the way back, I payed a visit to Pastorino's Pumpkin Farm to see if they had any Halloween decorations to buy. To my surprise they did and they were on sale! 

Here's some pictures of the Halloween decorations they had inside their store:


A skull with wings...I love it! 

Isn't this Halloween sign adorable? It was located outside their store.

Though I didn't buy anything at the shop, it was just fun looking at all the Halloween decor. I wonder what new decorations they will have for the upcoming Halloween season. It's closer than you think!

Now time for...Dinosaurs! 

"This concludes your tranquil journey through the world of the dinosaurs."

All the dinosaurs seen here were located at a place called Spanish Town. I always cruised by these dinos on my way to Half Moon Bay, I'm glad I finally stopped by for a whimsical experience. Seeing all these dinosaurs reminded me of the Cabazon Dinosaurs, a roadside attraction in Cabazon, California. There were shops as well, but I was too distracted by the giant metalwork dinosaurs. What can I say, I'm a dinosaur fan. 

Here's a link if your curious to know more about this jurassic like place:

Besides all the dinos, I did find a few neat gargoyle like statues as well a hidden pumpkin at Spanish Town:

Overall, I was surprised to find Halloween goodness in July at Half Moon Bay. Seeing all the Halloween decorations and pumpkin goodies made me forget what season I was in. I will definitely pay another visit to Half Moon Bay when it gets closer to Halloween.



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  1. Half Moon Bay looks like a fabulous place!
    I didn't know there was a place like it.

    I'm loving the dinosaurs by the way xD