Friday, August 23, 2013

California's Great America Halloween Haunt Promo And Lineup So Far

California's Great America is getting ready for this year's Halloween Haunt! Their Halloween event is over a month away but they're already rolling out the teasers, like this gruesome one pictured above. It seems like that poor soul didn't survive detentionFor those of you who haven't heard of Halloween Haunt before, it's an annual event that features mazes, scare-zones and live shows since 2008 on select dates through September and October. So far Great America has announced two new mazes, one new show, and a brand new layout for the Cornstalkers maze as part of their lineup for haunt. Cornstalkers will be receiving a new layout to make room for the new maze "Zombie High". Which most likely this teaser is for.

 Zombies and high school, yup definitely a nightmare. A description for the maze hasn't been released quite yet, only this teaser image. 

The second new maze to be featured at the event is "Dia De Los Muertos". This new maze will be in 3D and be replacing the Club Blood maze from the previous year.

On the Great America Halloween Haunt Facebook page they showed this early sneak peek of the new maze. 

Update: Another sneak peek of the "Dia De Los Muertos" maze has been released from the Halloween Haunt Facebook page.

This maze was first featured at Knott's Scary Farm and now has made it's way to California's Great America for Halloween Haunt. Check out this maze video "Dia De Los Muertos" at Knott's Scary Farm from Theme Park Adventure, to get an idea what the maze will be like.

The brand new show that has been revealed for haunt is called "Blades of Horror". This will be the first show ever in Halloween Haunt History to feature ice skaters. Description down below!


"Enter this abandoned movie theater at your own risk as the owner has gone mad! For one last night. He will view his horror movies before the wrecking ball destroys his life. To his shock, the screen comes to life and haunts his soul. Do you dare to join the viewing party???"

So far the lineup looks great, can't wait to experience these new mazes and check out the new show! 

Halloween Haunt begins September 27 and ends October 31. Haunt is held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Don't miss out on any gory details! Be sure to like California's Great America Halloween Haunt on Facebook and follow California's Great America on Twitter. Links down below!


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