Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo Report: Halloween 2013 Finds at HomeGoods

HomeGoods is in the Halloween spirit with their shelves now stocked with endless Halloween goodness! From candles to snow globes, there is a variety of Halloween items to be found here. I spotted many ghoulish goodies while wandering the aisles of the Halloween section at my local HomeGoods. Though I didn't buy anything...yet, I had alot of fun looking and getting new decorating ideas. 

Here's a photo tour of my Halloween finds, enjoy!

These eerie skull candles are pretty awesome.

Really cute nevermore potion bottle.

I'm pretty sure that owl was staring into my soul...


A skeleton couple statue with a hidden owl creeping in the distance.

Owls, pumpkins, witches, a headless horseman, and other unique items.

Is it October yet?

Vintage Halloween decor.

HomeGoods had a lot of good quality snow globes, like this skull one here.

A variety of Halloween goodness! 

More Halloween goodness!

Another snow globe with a mini haunted house inside. 

I checked out another HomeGoods to see if they had any different Halloween items available. They had a few different things here and there but mostly the same and alot less from the previous HomeGoods store I checked out.

I love how the pumpkin on the right has a bat shaped mouth.

They also had that awesome beware castle statue.

Sparkly kitty and fancy skull.

This skull here was huge! I believe it's eyes light up, I'm 75% sure...

A Happy Halloween sign sits between a snow globe of dancing skeletons and a glittery skull.

Each HomeGoods store I checked out had alot of different pumpkins and owls through out their shelves. 

Owls, skulls, and shiny bottles of vampire blood.

Fancy gentleman zombie.

Can't wait to see if they sneak in anymore Halloween items as it gets closer to October. Might check out a few more HomeGoods along the way too, might find some undiscovered Halloween goodness.



  1. <3 the vintage decor and the nevermore potion!! Too bad I don't have HomeGoods near me :(

    1. They have some cute stuff this year! HomeGoods has a store locator on their site, there could be one hidden near you. :)


  2. I somehow stumbled upon your blog via Twitter and I have to say, I'm a fan! I'm loving all your Halloween posts.

    1. Thank you so much!!! More Halloween posts coming soon! :)