Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo Report: Halloween Finds at Big Lots and Hallmark

More and more Halloween items are creeping into stores in the month of August, before you know it Halloween goodness will be everywhere. Big Lots and Hallmark now has a variety of Halloween items throughout their store. 

Big lots has mainly decorations at the moment and Hallmark has a small section of Halloween items like ornaments, something new called pumpkin talkers, a few ghoulish delights, and other things currently in their store. It seems both stores will get more Halloween items as it gets closer to the Halloween season.

Here's a photo tour of my Halloween finds at Big lots and Hallmark, enjoy!                

Halloween signs

More Halloween signs

Shiny skulls, dancing skeletons, and taking ravens.


All kinds of light up decorations, including some with spooky sound effects.

Halloween decor

Shiny Halloween things

Here's a video I took on Instagram of some of the light up decorations: 

On to Hallmark!

 So far at my local Hallmark they only had this small section of Halloween stuff at their store.

I'm really interested in these Pumpkin Talkers, especially the Batman one. I totally want a Batman pumpkin just saying "I'm Batman" all night.

Fancy skeleton ornament 

What a happy little skeleton ornament! 

Peek-A-Boo Snoopy, so cute!

Halloween snow-globes

Interactive owls 

Haunted house decoration 

I was so tempted to buy these truffles for my love of all things pumpkin! So tempted...I shall next time!

Cursed Beans and Blood-Sucking Bats!

Have you spotted any Halloween decorations at your local stores?



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