Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo Report: Halloween 2013 Finds at Michaels and Dollar Tree

With Halloween being less than three months away, decorations have been slowly creeping into stores. Michaels the arts & crafts store has always seemed to be the first at putting Halloween decor and displays out for the upcoming Halloween season. So far they have numerous decorations, crafts, party favors, faux pumpkins, Lemax Spooky Town display and much, much more. 

Here's a photo tour of Halloween decorations I spotted recently at my local Michaels, enjoy! 

This decor pictured here were among the first decorations displayed. The skull with the crow is pretty neat!


Cute light up Halloween decorations.

Keep Calm and Carry garlic! There was also a "Keep Calm and Scare On" sign, that I forgot to take a picture off. Trendy.

Skeleton decorations just hanging around.

These little ghosts are pretty cute! I like how they have a variety of faces. 

Halloween screamers! Boy are these things loud, haha.

You can never have enough skulls.

Halloween decorations with glitter, never really been a big fan of the glitter decorations. It gets everywhere...

Pumpkin and skull lanterns

Various spell book decorations 

Need a hand?

Awesome skull decoration!

Changing portraits and tombstones

Here are a few videos I took of the Spooky Town on my Instagram:

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Now onto Dollar Tree! Dollar Tree has some Halloween decorations and other things here and there. Mostly Halloween party favors and creepy critters. Here are a few photos of their Halloween stuff that I have seen so far:

Mini plastic spiders, bugs, and other Halloween creatures, perfect for trick-or-treaters.

Spiders, rats and bats!

Halloween masks

So excited to see Halloween decorations in stores already, it seems like stores are putting their  Halloween stuff out earlier and earlier each year. I like it!

Have you started your Halloween shopping yet?



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