Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween 2013 Finds at Party City

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" 

Halloween shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. I always look forward to seeing all the new decorations and treats that emerge in stores for the upcoming season. Whether it's adding new decor to my spooky collection or just taking in the full Halloween atmosphere, I always have a lot of fun shopping for this holiday.

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Party City. Party City has a huge section of Halloween decorations, costumes, and supplies this year. Including Halloween themed baking supplies to make ghoulish delights, horror-ifc monster props, and fog machines to create that eerie setting for your haunted house. One of their party themes for this year, is a creepy carnival with killer clowns! Everyone loves clowns right? Also a big thank you to Party City who presented me with a gift-card to their store for a Halloween shopping spree.

Here's some photos of various Halloween items you will find throughout the Party City store, enjoy!

Mmmm Halloween sweets, I'll have one of each! My favorite is the Reese's shaped pumpkins! They  taste better cause they are shaped like pumpkins.

Ghouls and other creatures you will meet while shopping around the store.


Tombstones, chains, and signs for all your graveyard needs...

Watch out for zombies!

Creepy carnival decor 

Enter if you dare...

More monsters lurking the aisles of Party City, sending chills down your spine.

Throwing a Halloween party but need some ideas? The Party City website offers many party ideas to make your Halloween party spooktacular! Check it out:

Skeleton party favors

 Every lawn should have a zombie flamingo.

This haunted doll is creepy. She talks too...

Various Halloween signs

I spy Freddy Krueger!

Party City has an endless giant wall of costume possibilities. If you are having trouble figuring out your costume for Halloween, taking a look as this wall will definitely inspire your choice or give you helpful ideas on deciding what to be. What will you be for Halloween? 

My haul so far:

I purchased a few bags of assorted candy, I swear the candy is for the treat or treaters! Also an assortment of party favors like whistles, skull poppers, and monster finger puppets. They will go quite nicely with the trick or treat bags that I will make for the trick or treaters. Lastly, I bought a bunch of eyeball rings. I love the green one in the middle cause it looks like a venus flytrap. I am a fan of carnivorous plants. 

The eye ball rings light up and change colors! Too cool!

I'll be visiting my local Party City store again soon. Can never get enough Halloween shopping! I may go back for that creepy pumpkin (first photo at the top of the page). If you are throwing a Halloween party, need costume ideas, or in need of some spooky props to bring your graveyard to life definitely check out Party City. You never know what Halloween goodness you may find!

Have you started your Halloween shopping yet?


Party City website:

Halloween party and costume ideas from Party City:

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Friday, September 20, 2013

California's Great America Halloween Haunt 2013 Construction Photos Part 2

Haunt season is just around the corner at California's Great America in Santa Clara, California. I recently took another trip to see the Halloween Haunt progress around the park and found that many spooky decorations have been added since my last visit. I can already smell the fog... (Check out my last visit here.) 

Halloween Haunt kicks off next week on September 27th! Haunt includes new mazes, a brand new show, and returning horror-filled favorites for 15 spine-chilling nights on select dates. You can check out the full event lineup here:

Here's some of the photos I took of the Halloween Haunt progress, enjoy!

A Halloween Haunt hearse is located by the front entrance greeting guests as they enter the park. Sweet wheels!

Located across the haunt hearse is this haunt themed camper with a bunch of ghouls and monsters on board. They are waiting for Halloween Haunt to begin...

An army of skeletons are scattered around the fountain area along with tombstones and other ghoulish decorations. 

Hello there skeleton!

This sign has been added in front of the Rue Le Dodge bumper car ride for the transformation of the CarnEvil maze. 

Hey you, no clowning around!

Boot Hill

Love this flower arrangement!

Plenty of ghouls to be seen throughout the park.

Rip Roaring Rapids is being taken over by monsters, mainly the werewolf kind...

Some pirate decor has been set up for the Dead Man's Cove-Forsaken Souls scare zone. No pirates were lurking...yet.

All kinds of pumpkin scarecrows have been spotted all over KidZville and Planet Snoopy.

Looks like some eerie spiders are taking over Loggers Run. Anyone have arachnophobia? I do...

"Here is the Toy Factory, there's lots of fun and games..." 

The Cornstalkers maze found a new home in the Barney Oldfield Speedway ride. I'm curious to see the new layout.

Lots of cobwebs up for the Underworld Alley scare zone.

Located across the Demon roller coaster is another Halloween Haunt hearse with a haunt sign.

The facade for Madame Marie's Massacre Manor maze. I wonder if she has friends on the other side...

The wreaths on Madame Marie's doors are filled with all kinds of frightfully delightful things.

Found this nice advertisement located near Gold Striker. It showcases all the mazes, including the brand new mazes for Halloween Haunt. 

To see more Halloween Haunt construction photos check out my Facebook page:


For more information on California's Great America Halloween Haunt, check out their website:

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Take a Spooktacular Ride on The Night Rail Before Christmas: A Minecraft Roller Coaster

               "Boys and girls of every age, Wouldn't you like to see something strange?"

Ever wish there was a Nightmare Before Christmas theme park attraction? Well...there is the Haunted Mansion Holiday at the Disneyland Resort and the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland Resort that both feature Jack Skellington and residents of Halloween Town in a hoilday overlay. But what about a whole year around attraction based on this holiday classic? Wouldn't that be amazing? 

However, nuropsych1 and a team of creators have designed a Minecraft roller coaster inspired by this classic animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This creation took two and a half months to build and was made on the Xbox 360 according to the lead designer on the project, nuropsych1. I can't get over how crazy amazing this roller coaster is! Seriously, check it out: 

I think I'll revisit Halloween Town and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas now.

Check out and support the other creators who brought this incredible creation to life: 


Check out their BeetleJuice and Ghostbusters Minecraft roller coasters! 

Beetle Juice - A Minecraft Roller Coaster: 

Railbusters - A Minecraft Roller Coaster: 


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photo Report: Halloween 2013 Finds at HomeGoods Part 2

I checked out my local HomeGoods recently again to see if they sneaked in any new Halloween goodness. To my surprise they added an assortment of new items. Among the new items I found was a headless horseman statue, a few eerie candelabras and more ghoulish head busts. If you are on the lookout for some great Halloween decor to add to your spooky collection then definitely check out HomeGoods for the upcoming season.

You can check out my Halloween finds from my last visit to HomeGoods here. Here's a photo tour of my new Halloween finds at HomeGoods, enjoy!


A skeleton hand holding a fancy snow-globe with dancing skeletons.

 Boo! The eyes, teeth, and the letters light up on this spooky sign.

Black cats for sale! Guaranteed supernatural powers! I want a supernatural kitty...

A glittery green skull, white pumpkin with a witch, and a Dracula Drive street sign. Do you live on Dracula Drive?

Witch's Brew! Made fresh, under the full moon.

Keep calm and count down to Halloween!

 "Dead men tell no tales!"

This skull with bat wings candelabra is spooktacular. 

A couple of owls with a skeleton in a top hat.

This skeleton with skull hands is also spooktacular!

 A pile of shiny skulls with pumpkins and spiders in the background.

A shelf of Halloween goodness! Ghoulish busts, skulls with glitter, snow-globes, etc.

Crow candelabra between two snow-globes with skeletons and a happy haunting lantern in the back.

Don't lose your head! Love this headless horseman statue! 

A zombie bust with a crow chilling on his shoulder.

Shiny skull snow-globe

Happy Halloween vintage sign

Skull candles

I didn't buy anything this time but I might go back for those candelabras or that headless horseman statue. Have you started Halloween shopping yet?

Update! I checked out one of my local HomeGoods once again for Halloween shopping. It seems like every time I visit their store, there is always new Halloween goodness that snuck in since my last trip. Sneaky...

Here's some new Halloween photos from recent visit to HomeGoods: 

 Giant crow with skull...IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!

So many snow globes have been spotted at HomeGoods this season. Have another!

I really like that tombstone! 

An assortment of eerie bottles. I wanted to take them all home with me.

 A fancy Day of the Dead snow-globe.

 Happy Haunting decoration, perfect for the upcoming haunt season! 

 Happy Hauntings decoration with a spooky little haunted house.