Saturday, September 7, 2013

California's Great America Halloween Haunt 2013 Construction Photos

I recently took a trip to California's Great America to see the progress for their annual event, Halloween Haunt. There wasn't too many decorations lurking around, but I did find some of the maze facades being set up and other haunt goodness around the park. 

Halloween Haunt begins this month on September 27th and runs for 15 nights on select dates. The event includes horror-filled mazes, frightening scare zones, and thrilling shows.  Also two new mazes and a brand new show have been announced for their haunt lineup this year. Looks like this will be their best haunt year yet! 

Here's the photos I took of haunt progress throughout the California's Great America, enjoy!

The jack in the box is out and in front of the CarnEvil maze facade.

An almost full view of the CarnEvil facade.

"Step right up, step right up! We got clowns, we got freaks! We got trapeze artists who mastered their techniques. It's the best show you've ever seen! If you know what's good for you, you'll buy a ticket know what I mean." 

Facade for the Madame Marie's Massacre Manor maze. This maze was new for haunt last year. It  replaced the Toy Factory maze as my favorite maze at Halloween Haunt. Can't wait to experience this maze again this year! 

The Halloween Haunt promo that was put out to promote their event is now gone. It's wasn't out too long. You can check out the haunt promo that mysteriously vanished here:

Though the haunt promo is now gone, California's Great America has put out this awesome Halloween Haunt themed hearse.

Many Halloween Haunt advertisements have also appeared all over the park. Creepy clown wants you to come to haunt...

A lot of the haunt advertisement showcase creepy clowns, everyone loves creepy clowns right? 

Advertisement for Snoopy's Trick Or Treat Festival. 

Can't wait for Halloween Haunt to begin!

Full Halloween Haunt reveal and website is now up! For more information on California's Great America Halloween Haunt check out their website:


California's Great America Halloween Haunt Facebook Page:


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