Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween 2013 Finds at Party City

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" 

Halloween shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. I always look forward to seeing all the new decorations and treats that emerge in stores for the upcoming season. Whether it's adding new decor to my spooky collection or just taking in the full Halloween atmosphere, I always have a lot of fun shopping for this holiday.

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Party City. Party City has a huge section of Halloween decorations, costumes, and supplies this year. Including Halloween themed baking supplies to make ghoulish delights, horror-ifc monster props, and fog machines to create that eerie setting for your haunted house. One of their party themes for this year, is a creepy carnival with killer clowns! Everyone loves clowns right? Also a big thank you to Party City who presented me with a gift-card to their store for a Halloween shopping spree.

Here's some photos of various Halloween items you will find throughout the Party City store, enjoy!

Mmmm Halloween sweets, I'll have one of each! My favorite is the Reese's shaped pumpkins! They  taste better cause they are shaped like pumpkins.

Ghouls and other creatures you will meet while shopping around the store.


Tombstones, chains, and signs for all your graveyard needs...

Watch out for zombies!

Creepy carnival decor 

Enter if you dare...

More monsters lurking the aisles of Party City, sending chills down your spine.

Throwing a Halloween party but need some ideas? The Party City website offers many party ideas to make your Halloween party spooktacular! Check it out:

Skeleton party favors

 Every lawn should have a zombie flamingo.

This haunted doll is creepy. She talks too...

Various Halloween signs

I spy Freddy Krueger!

Party City has an endless giant wall of costume possibilities. If you are having trouble figuring out your costume for Halloween, taking a look as this wall will definitely inspire your choice or give you helpful ideas on deciding what to be. What will you be for Halloween? 

My haul so far:

I purchased a few bags of assorted candy, I swear the candy is for the treat or treaters! Also an assortment of party favors like whistles, skull poppers, and monster finger puppets. They will go quite nicely with the trick or treat bags that I will make for the trick or treaters. Lastly, I bought a bunch of eyeball rings. I love the green one in the middle cause it looks like a venus flytrap. I am a fan of carnivorous plants. 

The eye ball rings light up and change colors! Too cool!

I'll be visiting my local Party City store again soon. Can never get enough Halloween shopping! I may go back for that creepy pumpkin (first photo at the top of the page). If you are throwing a Halloween party, need costume ideas, or in need of some spooky props to bring your graveyard to life definitely check out Party City. You never know what Halloween goodness you may find!

Have you started your Halloween shopping yet?


Party City website:

Halloween party and costume ideas from Party City:

Be sure to like Party City on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for extra Halloween goodness!



  1. mhalloween-gadgets I bought little toys from here and I'm trying to make DIYs by myself . Do you wanna give some suggestion ??