Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photo Report: Halloween 2013 Finds at HomeGoods Part 2

I checked out my local HomeGoods recently again to see if they sneaked in any new Halloween goodness. To my surprise they added an assortment of new items. Among the new items I found was a headless horseman statue, a few eerie candelabras and more ghoulish head busts. If you are on the lookout for some great Halloween decor to add to your spooky collection then definitely check out HomeGoods for the upcoming season.

You can check out my Halloween finds from my last visit to HomeGoods here. Here's a photo tour of my new Halloween finds at HomeGoods, enjoy!


A skeleton hand holding a fancy snow-globe with dancing skeletons.

 Boo! The eyes, teeth, and the letters light up on this spooky sign.

Black cats for sale! Guaranteed supernatural powers! I want a supernatural kitty...

A glittery green skull, white pumpkin with a witch, and a Dracula Drive street sign. Do you live on Dracula Drive?

Witch's Brew! Made fresh, under the full moon.

Keep calm and count down to Halloween!

 "Dead men tell no tales!"

This skull with bat wings candelabra is spooktacular. 

A couple of owls with a skeleton in a top hat.

This skeleton with skull hands is also spooktacular!

 A pile of shiny skulls with pumpkins and spiders in the background.

A shelf of Halloween goodness! Ghoulish busts, skulls with glitter, snow-globes, etc.

Crow candelabra between two snow-globes with skeletons and a happy haunting lantern in the back.

Don't lose your head! Love this headless horseman statue! 

A zombie bust with a crow chilling on his shoulder.

Shiny skull snow-globe

Happy Halloween vintage sign

Skull candles

I didn't buy anything this time but I might go back for those candelabras or that headless horseman statue. Have you started Halloween shopping yet?

Update! I checked out one of my local HomeGoods once again for Halloween shopping. It seems like every time I visit their store, there is always new Halloween goodness that snuck in since my last trip. Sneaky...

Here's some new Halloween photos from recent visit to HomeGoods: 

 Giant crow with skull...IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!

So many snow globes have been spotted at HomeGoods this season. Have another!

I really like that tombstone! 

An assortment of eerie bottles. I wanted to take them all home with me.

 A fancy Day of the Dead snow-globe.

 Happy Haunting decoration, perfect for the upcoming haunt season! 

 Happy Hauntings decoration with a spooky little haunted house.




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