Monday, September 16, 2013

Take a Spooktacular Ride on The Night Rail Before Christmas: A Minecraft Roller Coaster

               "Boys and girls of every age, Wouldn't you like to see something strange?"

Ever wish there was a Nightmare Before Christmas theme park attraction? Well...there is the Haunted Mansion Holiday at the Disneyland Resort and the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland Resort that both feature Jack Skellington and residents of Halloween Town in a hoilday overlay. But what about a whole year around attraction based on this holiday classic? Wouldn't that be amazing? 

However, nuropsych1 and a team of creators have designed a Minecraft roller coaster inspired by this classic animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This creation took two and a half months to build and was made on the Xbox 360 according to the lead designer on the project, nuropsych1. I can't get over how crazy amazing this roller coaster is! Seriously, check it out: 

I think I'll revisit Halloween Town and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas now.

Check out and support the other creators who brought this incredible creation to life: 


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