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November Box Of Dread Review

Time to catch up on my reviews, these months are just flying by! The first review I have on my list is my Box Of Dread I received back in November. 

If you have never heard of Box Of Dread, it's a monthly subscription box filled with a variety of horror themed swag presented by Dread Central. There are two plans available to choose from. The first plan is a 1 month plan for $20 and the second is a 3 month plan for $57. Among the boxes of dread, there is one special box called the 7th box. This 7th box a horror lover's dream filled with more horror goodies then the regular Box of Dread. Some of the past items that have been included in this special box are a Annabelle doll promo from The Conjuring, the second season of American Horror Story, and the first season of Bates Motel.

Now let's see what dreadful things came in this month's box!

The first thing that stood out to me was the poster from Horror Decor. The poster is the Floating Heads print by Christopher Lovell. It's 11" x 17", if you're curious. It was rolled up nicely in the box, so it came in great condition, no tears or creases. The print is high quality, definitely need to get this print framed.

If you are interested in the print, you can find it here: http://horrordecor.net/collections/floatingheads/products/floating-heads-print

To be honest I've never heard of this company before. After checking out their website, I have to say they have a lot horror goodness. From pillows with the Overlook Hotel design from The Shining to nightmarish ornaments to put on your tree. They even have the Floating Heads print design on a pillow. Too cool! May need to make some future purchases from there.

Along with the print, they included a pen and a magnet from the Horror Decor website. It was a nice addition.

The next item was one Walking Dead Blind Box Mystery Mini. This is first series in the collection, this series includes a selection of walkers and the Dixon brothers from AMC tv series. There are also rare figures to be on the look out for like glow in the dark walkers and blood spattered Daryl and Merle. Let's see what lies inside this mystery box...(insert drum roll here)

It's a walker! Eh not to crazy about the vinyl figure I got but it was fun opening the box.

You can find the Walking Dead Blind Box Mystery Minis here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1348/
And here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E0QYOWU/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_w2wOsb1YDX8F6796

"Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"

The next items were 4 Good Guy doll battery stickers. These stickers where an exclusive for this month's Box of Dread. It appears if you get the right kind of battery, you can wrap them around the battery and create your own Good Guy Doll battery brand. Hi-de-ho, ha ha ha!

The last item in the box was a H. P. Lovecraft mousepad from Rotten Cotton . The mousepad could have been another exclusive to Box of Dread as well, I couldn't find it on their website. The design of the mousepad is pretty cool! I needed a new mousepad, how did they know...

Overall, I really enjoyed this month's Box of Dread. My favorites among horror goodies were the Good Guy doll stickers and the Floating Heads print. I'm not going to get into detail about the cost of each item or if the amount of the items matched up to the price of the box. Part of the fun of these subscription boxes is the surprise on what items you get in the box. Though I liked more items then others, I'm satisfied with everything that came in this month's box. From what I have seen on their official Facebook page, certain horror fans have received different assortment of items in their box. So you may not get the same items as someone else gets. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a Halloween/Horror fix in their life. I'm hoping there will be more movie promos/exclusives added to the box in the future. It would also be neat to see themed boxes as well. Can't wait to see what they have in store for December's box!

What do you think of the horror goodies that came in the Box of Dread? If you are interested in signing up or want to learn more about Box of Dread, check out their official website! (Links provided down below.)


Box of Dread: http://www.boxofdread.com/

Sign up here: http://www.boxofdread.com/join-now

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