Thursday, October 24, 2013

Midnight Syndicate Live! The Ultimate Halloween Concert Kickstarter Campaign

For almost two decades now, Midnight Syndicate has forever changed the Halloween music genre with their eerie instrumental music and sounds. If you are unfamiliar with the nightmarish music of Midnight Syndicate, there's a strong possibility you have been immersed into their otherworldly atmosphere before. For instance you can hear it while facing your fears at a haunted attraction such as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, bringing a horrific tale to life. Or when you're out shopping for the perfect spine-chilling decoration, you can hear the music echoing throughout the store putting you into the Halloween spirit. 

With 17 studio albums, soundtracks, and even a feature film, Midnight Syndicate now wants to bring their horror music into a live concert that countless Halloween enthusiasts would enjoy. A Kickstarter campaign has been created by Midnight Syndicate for their one-of-the-kind Halloween concert experience, but they need your help to make it happen!

Check out their Kickstarter video to learn more:

From the press release:

"We want it to be a feast for the eyes as much as the ears," said Gavin Goszka, "a unique show that is not only a Midnight Syndicate concert but also something that stands on its own as a great Halloween horror multimedia experience."  In order create the visual elements of the show, the band is teaming up with industry veterans like special FX legend  Robert Kurtzman (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, KNB EFX), director Gary Jones (XENA, AXE GIANT), David "House" Greathouse (FACEOFF, Mushroomhead), Jason Carter (BABYLON 5, THE DEAD MATTER), and Jason Blaszczak of Screamline Studios (Rob Zombie's AMERICAN NIGHTMARE).  "Because of the style of our music and our ties to the film, Halloween, roleplaying game, and haunted house industries we're in the perfect position to put together a unique show that blends the best of these different worlds," said Edward Douglas.  "It's a project almost two decades in the making. We want to bring your nightmares to life," added Gavin Goszka."

Multiple categories of pledges have been created on the Kickstarter campaign. Offering many horror goodies that any Midnight Syndicate fan would love to add to their collection. Some of the awards from the pledges include tickets to the world premiere of Midnight Syndicate Live!, copies of the show, signed posters, shirts, and much more. The campaign will end on November 10, 2013. 

Here's more info from the press release: 

"Over the past seventeen years, Midnight Syndicate has released seventeen studio albums, including three horror movie scores and a motion picture of their own entitled, THE DEAD MATTER (2010).  "We've always been our own label and distributor, so it's really been the fans' support over these past seventeen years that has allowed Midnight Syndicate to continue to grow.  They really are the best fans in the world," said Edward Douglas.   "This live concert is something that our fans have been asking us to do for many years.  The Kickstarter campaign is giving us the opportunity to involve them from the beginning and allowing us to take this exciting next step together." 

Let's help make this Halloween concert into a reality!!!

To learn more about Midnight Syndicate and their Kickstarter campaign, check out the links below! Also check out their collection of music, it's perfect for this Halloween season!


Midnight Syndicate Live! Kickstarter Campaign:

Official Midnight Syndicate Website:

You can check out samples of their work on their Official YouTube account:

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spider Prank App Review

Recently, Sebastian Conley from Sebastian's Games gave me the opportunity to try out his new Spider Prank app. This app was filled with creepy crawlies, it's an arachnophobic's worst nightmare! The app gives you your own realistic looking spider and fly to crawl around the surface of your iPhone/iPad screen, ready for pranking. This app is also compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, and iPad. If your looking for the perfect Halloween scare, then you should definitely check out the Spider Prank app from Sebastian's Games this Halloween season!

Check out the trailer to learn more:

The Spider Prank is a great app to scare your spider fearing friends. The app gives your own spider at your control (insert evil laughter here). You can drag the spider around on the screen, it reacts to gravity, and comes with a timer to plan out your prank on your arachnophobic friends. It's Halloween time after all, it's fun getting scare here and there, right?

After downloading the app on my iphone, I had to try it out on a few unexpected friends. It worked great! I had a lot of fun testing it out and even freaked myself out in the process. I just get creeped out watching it, the noises this life like spider makes are just plain eerie. I also really enjoyed how the app was very easy and simple to use. It's a clever little app and is frightfully spooky to use during this Halloween season.

Update: Two new species have been added to the Spider Prank App, a black widow and a tarantula!

If you would like to know more about the Spider Prank and Sebastian's Games, check out the links down below!


Sebastian's Games:

Spider Prank:


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Roger's Gardens Halloween Boutique 2013: The Night Gallery

During the Halloween season, Roger's Gardens transforms a section of their store into an extravagant Halloween display. A display that every Halloween enthusiast would enjoy. If you are unfamiliar with Roger's Gardens it's a nursery located in Corona Del Mar, California. 

Additionally, every year Roger's Gardens creates an elaborate theme to showcase their unique Halloween items. This year's theme is called the Night Gallery. Once you venture into the Night Gallery you will in encounter delightfully ghoulish items like pumpkins, skulls, hand crafted items, and much more. You'll feel like you have stepped into a Halloween wonderland, you'll never want to leave.

"Wander down the central corridor of our Night Gallery, accompanied by chilling spirits, gawking at one-of-a-kind wonders from a collection of Halloween artists. Every corner, nook, and cranny of our four eerie art installations titled Cabinet of Curiosities, Mad Inventor’s Workshop, Day of the Dead, and Witching Hour overflow with creepy treasures to delight the most devoted of Halloween’s faithful."

Check out this video of their Halloween display from their YouTube channel: 

Take a look at some photos that I took throughout the Night Gallery, enjoy!

Welcome to the Night Gallery!

Skull masks, ghostly white pumpkins, and other creepy treasures.

Curiouser and curiouser...

Jars with creepy doll heads you feel like you're being watched?

Skull moons with top hats.

There were a few Dia De Los Muertos inspired painted statues placed throughout the gallery. Such an interesting idea! 

One of the Mad Inventor's creations. 

A row of skulls.

A spooky friend trapped in a glass container?

Are your eyes playing tricks on you?

A menacing ghoul watches from above.

Skeleton frame

A bright orange skeleton lends the way.

A few more Dia De Los Muertos inspired painted statues.

Vintage Halloween decorations.

A unsettling grinning pumpkin.

It seems this ghoul had a grisly fate.

The entrance into the Night Gallery. 

More skulls, you can never have enough skulls!

Ghoulish delights

A witch silhouette 

Dia De Los Muertos 




Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Haunted Hollywood Sports 2013 Media Event

On September 27th, I had the chance to attend the Haunted Hollywood Sports media event in Southern California. If you haven't heard of this attraction before, Haunted Hollywood Sports it a brand new Halloween attraction located in the city of Bellflower at Hollywood Sports Park. This event offers unique experiences that you won't find at any other haunted attractions. Also a spooky thank you to Jerry Paxton from GamingShogun who gave me an awesome opportunity to attend this event.

Furthermore, this Halloween event offers a huge selection of entertainment this year including 3 mazes, 2 scarezones, 3 interactive killhouses, Club Crimson, and two additional themed attractions. At the media event I got to preview their all new claustrophobic maze, relax in Club Crimson, witness the Carnival of the Damned and defend for my life against zombies in the Voodoo Killhouse. 

Carnival of the Damned

Carnival of the Damned was the first attraction we got to preview at the event. Nightmarish clowns and other monsters were lurking inside this scare zone. It wasn't the sets or props that brought this eerie scare zone to life, it was the scare actors. Though there was only a few clowns roaming around this evil carnival for the preview, they were really entertaining and full of high energy. The clowns were a lot of fun to watch. My favorite scare actor was the spider walking performing clown that sneaked past us, that was pretty creepy.

Scare zone description:
"The show has just started and these clowns and circus freaks running this dark bit top are always looking for a few new recruits to join their demented ranks. These clowns may have smiles on their faces...but its only to hide their twisted true intentions once you are within reach!"


After being chased by clowns, we got to experience their all new maze at the event this year, Venom (sponsored by the Venom Energy drink). Afraid of tight inclosed spaces? Then Venom will definitely make your skin crawl. Venom takes you through an ancient temple filled with narrow pathways, monsters at sudden turns, and deadly traps. The narrow pathways give you the feeling they are closing in on you and during one area of the maze they do... 

Maze description:
"Premiering in 2013, Venom Energy Drink presents "Venom". Venture into an ancient temple, dodging deadly traps, navigating maze-like labyrinths and surviving attacks from countless entities and venomous snakes."

Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?

One of the great things we got to experience while going through this maze was not entering a maze with a large group, aka a conga line. Following a conga line all the way through tends to ruin the overall mood of the maze, so that little bit was quite refreshing. The maze length was perfect, not to short. The scare actors were all in character interacting with victims guests and filling the maze with screams. With the dim lighting you couldn't even see where the scare actors were coming from, they were hidden quite well in the temple. 

Voodoo Killhouse

The last attraction of the night was the Voodoo Killhouse. Guests were given a protective mask and a Semi Automatic Airsoft BB Assault weapon and instructions of what awaits them inside the Killhouse. After we were suited up, it was time to enter the battlefield crawling with zombies. As you enter the course zombies are closing in on you from all over! Watch out! Going through the Voodoo Killhouse felt like I was transported in the world of Resident Evil, it was surreal. I had a blast going through the Killhouse and was hands down my favorite attraction at the event. If your a fan of zombie themed video games, you will definitely love the Killhouse attractions! 

Killhouse description: 
"Making another return, the Voodoo Killhouse pits parkgoers against an onslaught of paranormal beings foretold by the local Shaman. Grab the shotgun from undearth the cash register and walk together towards town of endless defeat. "Let's go git them bastards."

Here's a few more photos from the event:

The media event took place in this grand room, so beautiful!

This zombie here was scaring guests waiting to go through the maze and killhouse. It was fun to watch him sneak up on guests. 

There was a delicious assortment of Halloween themed desserts at the event for those who survived the Voodoo Killhouse in Club Crimson. My favorite was the cleaver cupcake, it was bloody good.

I got a chance to interview Candice Catron, Co-Director/Producer of Haunted Hollywood Sports at the event! Learning more about how she got into the Haunt world and the new attractions at this Halloween event.

Check out the interview: 

How did you become part of the Haunt Industry?

Candice Catron: I actually started off as a makeup artist, I've been a makeup artist for almost 10 years now. I started off at Knott's Scary Farm and was there for 7 years.

What is your favorite attraction to do at Haunted Hollywood Sports this year? 

Candice Catron: My favorite attraction this year has got to be Venom. It's a free standing maze that we build this year. It's full of so many twist and turns. 

What other haunted attractions do you like to visit around Los Angeles?

Candice Catron: I am always open to go to all of them, I try to visit as many locations as I can during the season.

What other information can you give on the new attractions this year at Haunted Hollywood Sports?

Candice Catron: They're more better, they are more equipped, and they are awesome. We have learned a lot from last year and we've come back with a vengeance.

Is there anything you would like my followers to know about this event this year?

Candice Catron: Yes, we just want everyone to come out and have a great time. Who doesn't want to shot some zombies? 

Overall, I had an amazing time at the media event. This was my first time visiting Haunted Hollywood Sports and won't be the last. I was impressed by all the scare actors and all the attractions I got to witness. The highlight of the night would have to the Voodoo Killhouse. I have never had an experience quite like that before, such a rush! It was also great meeting folks from IsItOctoberYet, TPAdventure, and GamingShogun at the event. Such frightfully delightful people! If you're looking for a new attraction to visit in Southern California this October, check out Haunted Hollywood Sports. You don't want to miss the Killhouse experience!


For more information on Haunted Hollywood Sports, Check out their website:

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