Monday, January 6, 2014

Halloween Horror Nights 24 News


Can you smell the fog in the air? Haunted attractions are beginning to tease news and updates about the their upcoming attractions for haunt season 2014. Yesterday, the creative director of Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights, Michael Aiello tweeted a photo of the maze one cover page on the official Twitter account. (See above photo.) It's doesn't give any information on what maze one could be or what this year's theme will be. Also if you take a look at the lower right hand corner you can see it's dated 12/03/13, looks like it's Halloween all year around for the Halloween Horror Nights team. 

A Halloween Horror Nights fan responded to the tweet on Twitter by asking if this maze would be based on a intellectual property. Michael Aiello replied back saying that this maze would be an all new and original maze. See the full tweet down below:

Last year, Horror Nights had mazes based on films such as The Cabin in The Woods, An American Werewolf in London, and Evil Dead. They even had a maze based on the Resident Evil video game franchise. Only time will tell what new fear Halloween Horror Nights 24 has in store for this year. Most likely we will see their official Twitter and Facebook account drops hints throughout the year for their fans. 

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