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January Box Of Dread Review

It's a New Year err...New Fear for Box of Dread! This dreadful subscription service made it's debut last year and has been delivering a range of horror goodies to numerous horror fans straight to their front door. Last's month's box I received contained Funko mystery mini figures along with a bag of skulls and a candy cane to top it off. So what dreadful things will be in this month's Box of Dead There's only one way to find out!

 If you are unfamiliar with Box of Dread, here's some quick details about the service:
- Monthly subscription box for horror lovers.
- Two plans are available: $20 for one month and $57 for three months.
- One lucky horror fan will be chosen each month to receive the 7th Box filled with more horror goodies than a regular Box of Dread.
- They don't ship internationally...yet.

You can check out my review on the December Box of Dread here.

January Box of Dread:

Where to begin!

The first thing I noticed is the Kane ReAction Retro Action Figure peeking out of the box. Honestly, I would have loved to have received The Alien. Who wouldn't? The Alien ReAction Retro Action Figures costs around $15 to $19 each from what I could find online. That's the price of the box right there! There are also 5 figures in total if you're curious, Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane, and The Alien. I heard about these figures back at the San Diego Comic Con last year, but the release date had totally slipped my mind. Totally need to get a set of these figures!

If you checked out my last two reviews of Box of Dread, you'll see that I had wished to see more movie promo items or exclusive items to only Box of Dread in future boxes. I got my wish! The second item in the Box of Dread is a Insidious: Chapter 2 promo lantern! Thanks to Box of Dread I can now travel through the further.

There was another Insidious: Chapter 2 promo item in the box along with the lantern, a reusable water bottle with the Insidious 2 logo. Awesome stuff!

On the Box of Dread Facebook Page, they had made a post about putting more vintage horror items in future boxes to mix it up. One of the items they revealed for this month's box was vintage trading cards. The last item I had received in the box was the Terminator 2 Judgment Day movie cards. I haven't opened the cards yet and I think I'm going to leave them sealed. The cards are a very cool addition to this month's box. Excited to see what other vintage items they have planned for upcoming boxes.

Recap: What was in this month's Box of Dread?

-Kane Alien ReAction Retro Action Figure
-Insidious: Chapter 2 Lantern Promo
-Insidious: Chapter 2 Reusable Water Bottle Promo
-Terminator 2 Judgment Day Movie Cards

This marks my third box from Box of Dread and the content inside each box keeps getting better and better! When I first received January's box I knew it wasn't the special 7th box but that didn't stop my satisfaction with this month's box. It's the best box yet since I have signed up! I love the Insidious Chapter 2 promo items and the Kane ReAction figure. The trading cards were a nice touch too. I noticed that most of horror fans received the same items except different figures and cards from what I had seen on their Facebook Page. If you have been wanting to sign up but aren't quite sure yet, I suggest keeping an eye out on their Facebook Page to see what other horror fans receive in their box. Looks like Box of Dread is off to a great start. Well done Box of Dread, keep up the awesomeness! As always, looking forward to the next Box of Dread to arrive at my door.

Here's a video of the horror items found in January's 7th Box!

What an incredible 7th box! Totally jealous!

What do you think of the horror goodies that came in this month's Box of Dread? If you are interested in signing up or want to learn more about Box of Dread, check out their official website! (Links provided down below.)

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