Monday, January 13, 2014

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Review

I love Paranormal Activity franchise, watching these films on the big screen is always a lot of fun. I felt somewhat empty when there wasn't an annual Paranormal Activity film providing scares during last October. It has became a tradition watching them around the Halloween season. Apparently, Paramount had pushed Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones out a year instead of coming out in 2013. This means that we will get a double dose of Paranormal Activity in 2014.Though this film is the fifth in the series, it's rather a spin-off and will tie into the other films.

Last December, I had a chance to check out Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones early with advanced screening in San Francisco right on Friday the 13th. Perfect day to watch a scary movie, eh? I arrived an hour before show time and realized I may have needed to get in line much sooner than I planned. Apparently, many folks camped out very early in the day to make sure they get a seat at this free screening. I started to lose hope, thinking I wouldn't get in. But luck was on my side that day, as I and many others made in the screening. Right before I got into the theater I was handed a free shirt and greeted by a creepy priest in a black robe.

Here's a photo of the shirt they gave out at the screening:

The theater for the screening was completely packed! It's always fun watching these types of films with a full theater, the audience's reactions make the film more entertaining. Unless the screaming from the audience is right in your ear and might scare you more than what's happening on screen. Haha! Anyways before the screening started the creepy priest in the black robe returned to say what sounded like a prayer or chat but I wasn't quite sure. Whatever it was it had created an unsettling mood...

The Marked Ones is a found footage type of film that centers around two newly high school graduates, Jesse and his close friend, Hector. While pulling some teenager pranks they discover that their creepy neighbor Anna, could be a "bruja" when they hear mysterious noises and chanting coming from her apartment one night. Shortly after they discover Anna has been killed. Jesse and Hector then choose to investigate her vacant apartment...

The scares in The Marked Ones were actually pretty intense. I found myself jumping from some of the scares myself along with the audience during the screening. Even though you can see a few of the jump scares coming, they still get you. On my second watch of the film, there were still scenes that made me jump.

Without getting into spoiler territory, The Marked Ones does answer some questions to previous films have left, but also raises more in the process. There are even more surprises then the previous Paranormal Activity film. The ending will leave you on the edge of your seat! Fans of the series will also enjoy finding the easter eggs that appear through out the film. I noticed more easter eggs on my second watch. 

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones puts the franchise back on track. The characters are likable, great twists (especially towards the end), and it feels like a fresh start. For those who are unsure of watching another Paranormal Activity movie, I can assure you this film will surprise you. It definitely surprised me. Even though I would have liked to watch this film during October, I really enjoyed this late Halloween treat. After seeing the film twice, I can say it's my favorite among the other films. I can't wait to see how The Marked Ones will attribute to Paranormal Activity 5 on October 24, 2014.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is out in theaters now!

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