Monday, February 24, 2014

Carvers: A New Original Special Coming to Syfy

A new original special called Carvers is coming to Syfy channel this March. The original special will follow two artistic craftsmen Ray Villafane, Andy Bergholtz and their team as they create works of art from pumpkin to ice. If you have never heard of these craftsmen before there's a good chance you've seen some of the incredible pumpkin creations from Villafane Studios. (See here.) 


"Premieres Tuesday, March 4 at 10 PM – The special Carvers follows Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholtz, two uniquely talented and quirky craftsmen, who wield knives as their artistic utensil of choice. These best friends, along with their staff of eccentric carvers, create masterpieces out of wood, ice, pumpkins, chocolate, sand, meat and anything else their clients desire. From high-end corporate events to state fairs, this crew works feverishly to design and sculpt jaw-dropping works of larger-than-life art. Carvers is produced by Coolfire Originals. Executive producers are Jeff Keane and Steve Luebbert. Aaron Bowden is the showrunner."

Sounds like an interesting show. I mainly want to see what pumpkin masterpieces they create but I'm intrigued on what other works of art they will make too.

Carvers premieres March 4 at 10pm only on Syfy.

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