Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easter and Spring Haunts

It's no surprise that numerous haunted attractions have been expanding beyond the traditional Halloween season. Last month I had just discovered that St. Patrick's Day haunted attractions actually existed. (See here.) Now it's Easter's turn! Like the St. Patty's Day events, I only came across a few twisted themed Easter attractions on my search. It seems this also isn't a common trend either.

While looking for Easter haunts, I also came across a few haunted houses that will be open during the Spring time as well. Though Halloween is over six months away, these haunted attractions and events will surely help you pass the time. Check out my findings down below!

1. Dark Hour's Spring Fever - Plano, Texas


From April 4-5th experience Spring Fever at Dark Hour Haunted House! Dark Hour has teamed up with Zombie Manor Arlington to bring you a one-of-the-kind zombie themed event that you've never seen before. 

"The contagion witch has started a feverish zombie outbreak that threatens our world and you're caught right in the middle. You'll have to make a break for it if you want to get out alive!"

Tickets are on sale now through this link! For more information on the event, visit the official Dark Hour Haunted House website. If you survived Spring Fever, Dark Hour will be open once a month through July with different themed events.

2. Spring Scream at Talladega Frights - Bakersfield, California


No plans for Spring Break? No problem! Talladega Frights invites you to skip the beach and join them at their Spring Scream event this April! From April 13-19th check out their terrifying haunted house, dance with the monsters of Talladega Frights at the DJ Dance party, ride down a 100-ft water slide, and more!

Tickets will be available soon! For more details on Spring Scream visit their Facebook event page and official website

3. Easter Killing at Scream Acres CT - Covington, Kentucky


Scream Acres CT is hosting a twisted Easter themed event at their intense haunted attraction on April 18-19th. This Easter find out the true story of Peter Cottontail only at Scream Acres CT!  So what will be waiting for you at Easter Killing? Not really sure to be honest, their website doesn't reveal too much.

For more details about Scream Acres CT, check out their official websiteTickets are available now through this link.

4. Brighton Asylum's RottenTail Slaugterhouse -  Passaic, New Jersey 


Brighton Asylum continues to bring you new screams throughout the year with their haunted events. Last month evil leprechauns took over the Asylum, now sinister Easter bunnies have taken their place. 

"First we ruined Christmas with our epic "Santa's Slay". Then we broke your heart at "Dark Valentine". Now prepare for the next holiday we're slicing up! It's Easter time at Rottentail Slaughterhouse, but he's not hiding eggs. He's hiding bodies!"

Rottentail Slaughterhouse will be a one day only event! Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased hereFor more information about Brighton Asylum, check out their official website!

These next two events aren't haunts but sounded like a scary good time, check them out!

On April 5th, come fight the undead with ScareLA at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park! During last October, Hollywood Sports transformed their entire park into a spooktaular Halloween event with 3 mazes, 2 scarezones, and 3 interactive zombie killhouses.This April their giving you a taste of what's in store for this October with a full day of paintball and hordes of zombies! 

You can purchase tickets and learn more about the event here

Just a while ago, Sinister Pointe announced they are moving out of their current location and will be moving to a new address for upcoming haunt season of 2014. (More info here.) There aren't many details on where they are moving just yet, so in the meantime come join Sinister Pointe for their final event at their current location, Lore Masquerade! 

"Join us for two evenings filled with a variety of unique entertainment, creative arts, imagination, music and dance to celebrate the closure of this amazing chapter for Sinister Pointe. Become immersed in a realm of fantasy and indulge in the freedom of disguise as dark and mythical worlds collide in the spectacle that is LORE!"

Please visit for tickets and more details! 

If I'm missing any haunts or spooky events that will be open during Easter or the Spring time, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

Dark Hour Haunted House:

Scream Acres CT:

Brighton Asylum: Haunted Attraction:

Sinsiter Pointe Haunted Attraction:


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