Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Upcoming Event: Great Horror Campout

Haunt enthusiasts in the San Francisco area! The folks behind Ten Thirty One Productions (creators of the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride) dare you to experience the Great Horror Campout at the Alameda Fairgrounds this weekend! This overnight horror camping adventure will be packed with plenty of activities to get your scare on before the Halloween season. Check out more details about the event down below!

From the press release:

People want engagement and complete immersion in their experiences...and Great Horror Campout is the definition of that. The night is packed with layer upon layer of active content. The days of spectator sport haunted attractions and events are over and we couldn't be more excited about that,” states Ten Thirty One Productions Founder, Melissa Carbone.

Campers can decide how extreme of an experience they get by their choice of activities lasting 12 hours (8pm to 8am). In the “Chicken Zone,” campers may watch horror movies and roast marshmallows, while those seeking “High Startle” zones will want to warm up around the Bonfire or wander off to the Mess Hall.

During Great Horror Campout, campers may be forcibly handled, moved, bound, hooded, chained and subjected to simulated torture by a cast of actors. If a camper can no longer take the horror, shouting the safe phrase “I WANT MY MOMMY” will immediately put an end to the nightmare.

The interactive “Hell Hunt” experience will give campers, whom wish for a more extreme experience a run for their money, as they come face to face with their worst nightmares, in order to retrieve the items for which they are hunting. The Hell Hunt will be an extremely high-octane hunt for items that will send campers bathing in the blood of a “Pope Lick,” partaking in a sacrificial voodoo ritual, digging through road kill amongst “Beasts of Bray” and more. Campers will have to use creative thinking and problem solving to find the most coveted items, especially when facing “Speed Bumps” that may leave the camper kidnapped, caged or trunked. Those “Hell Hunters” who complete the task will be crowned Great Horror Campout “Hellmasters.” Upon being crowned a Hellmaster, campers will receive a sash and an official patch with the city and year they won. The more patches earned at each Campout, the more prestigious each camper will become in the network of Hellmasters."

If your one of the lucky souls who survive the interactive Hell Hunt experience and earn the status of Hellmaster, you'll receive a sash that will provide benefits at future Great Horror Campout events. These benefits include first access to purchasing tents, access to VIP tents that include more amenities, VIP lounge areas, and much more!

If you can't make it to their event in San Francisco, there is still plenty of fear to go around! Check out their remaining locations for their 2014 Summer Tour below!

Dates and Locations:

-7/11 & 7/12: San Francisco, CA

-7/18 & 7/19: Sacramento, CA

-7/25 & 7/26: Seattle, WA

-8/1 & 8/2: Portland, OR

-8/15 & 8/16: San Diego, CA

-8/22 & 8/23: San Bernardino, CA

Tickets run $139 each for a two person tent and $99 each for a 4 person tent. There are four tent sections to choose from but all have the same level of scare except for the yellow section which is a safe zone for campers who want a less intense experience. You can purchase tickets to the event here. Parking, overnight tent accommodations, continental breakfast, Hell Hunt experience, a Hell Hunt canvas bag, horror movies, and marshmallows are all included in your ticket purchase.

To learn more about the Great Horror Campout check out their official website! Future campers be sure to follow Great Horror Campout on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook for all the latest updates on this event!


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