Friday, August 29, 2014

California's Great America Reveals New Details and Full Lineup For Halloween Haunt 2014

Halloween Haunt at California's Great America is nearly here! And they're wasting no time revealing the brand new surprises they have in store for this year. So what new terror will you experience at Halloween Haunt this year? A bunch of new Halloween Haunt announcements were revealed this week on their official Facebook page. Check out all the gory details down below!


Mirror Mirror


"Visitors are sucked into a Masquerade world whenever they look into a mirror and leave them begging the question “who’s the fairest of them all?”. The funhouse-like mirror maze will travel along a nonlinear path guaranteed to get visitors lost and confused. "


Roadkill Roadhouse

"This roadhouse is a very delicious restaurant loaded with ribs and steaks out of livestock. There are only rumors of disappearances occurring here. Make sure to sample everything…we use only the finest flesh!"

Wax Museum Chamber of Horrors

"The Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum has reopened, and for this limited time, Miss Lizzie invites you to examine her collection of some of the most feared villains, murderers, criminals and miscreants imaginable. So lifelike, so believable, so haunting, you might event think they're alive."




"A world of flesh and machine, of gears and steam offers a journey through the streets of steam punk battlefield influenced by a city of dead where blood is power."


Academy of Villains

"Academy of Villains will open your eyes to a world of wonder, glory, and excitement. From a zombie choir to a twisted version of silhouette dancing, they will take the audience by surprise and will have them experience a sense of artistry that they never deemed possible. Located in Showtime ."


"The sun has set and the outbreak has begun! Join this zombie crew as they defy gravity in search for a good party. You’ll flip-out once you witness what they are capable of!

This is a CGA-exclusive show created by the team that brought you "Aerial Ice Extreme"! Located in Celebration Plaza."

The horrifying mazes that will be making their return at Halloween Haunt 2014 include CarnEvil, Zombie High, CornStalkers, Toy Factory, Madame Marie's Massacre Manor, and Dia de los Muertos. It appears Werewolf Canyon and Slaughterhouse Annihilation mazes have retired this year to make way for new screams. The Gauntlet and UnderWorld Alley scare zones will also be returning as well. But thats not all, the spooktacular Blades of Horror show is back along with Fun House Express.

Wax Museum is definitely my most anticipated new maze out of the Halloween Haunt 2014 lineup. Mirror Mirror sounds interesting too, I wonder if it will be something similar to the Mirror Mirror maze that was at Knott's Scary Farm last year. (See here.) I'm happy to see Blades of Horror is returning, both Academy of Villains and Nytewalkers sounds frightfully fun also. Can't wait to experience all the new fear at Halloween Haunt!

Dates for this year's event:
  • September: 26, 27.
  • October: 3, 4, 10,11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31.
  • November: 1

What do you think of this year's haunt lineup?

For more information on California's Great America Halloween Haunt and ticket options, check out their website! Be sure to follow California's Great America on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates on Halloween Haunt! Links provided down below!



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  1. I can't wait for Roadkill Roadhouse this year. Wax Museum Chamber of Horrors looks boss this year. If Nytewalkers is from the people who made Aerial Ice Extreme, then we are in for a treat, as that show was AMAZING this year. I know that HAUNT will be better than ever, with more new screams than ever before!