Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Halloween 2015 Finds at HomeGoods Part 1

Yesterday, I had a hunch that my local HomeGoods store might have some of their Halloween decor out. My Halloween senses were tingling! To my surprise they had a big selection of Halloween decor out already! However, they were still setting up their spooky display when I was there but they had a few shelves filled with Halloween goodness. I will have to check out my other local HomeGoods to see if they have any different spooky offerings this week.

Here are my Halloween finds I discovered at my local HomeGoods store, enjoy!

It's the most wonderful time of the year~

These busts are spooktacular! Was tempted to buy one... 

His eyes light up!

My face when I see Halloween stuff in stores.

Dead men tell no tales!

Halloween snow-globes, signs, baskets, etc. HomeGoods has a little bit of everything.

Not sure what this is suppose to be, but it's really neat! I love the keys!

This dragon tombstone is pretty neat.

Very cute Halloween candy dish display.

 "Now, ghosts are bad, but the one's that's cursed is the Headless Horseman, he's the worst." 

Love these Jack-O-Lanterns! I believe it lights up. 

This spooky scary skeleton can hold a tea candle. 

Fancy Halloween signs to put you in the Halloween spirit. 

Have you spotted any Halloween items at your local HomeGoods store? 


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