Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Halloween 2015 Finds at HomeGoods Part 2

Finally got a chance to check out another local HomeGoods this week for more ghoulish decor. I spotted a bunch of new items that I didn't see at my other local HomeGoods, such as new festive signs, different frightfully fun decorations, unique kitchen wear, and more. 

Every store tends to have different Halloween offerings, so when you are out shopping be sure to check out a few different HomeGoods stores in your local area. And don't forgot to check every corner, you may find a Halloween treasure waiting for you! Also not all the Halloween related items are located in their holiday section, some are in the kitchen area and some are near the checkout line. Furthermore, take a look at my brand new spooky HomeGoods finds I found down below! 

Check out part 1 here!

Halloween Halloween Halloween!

One tour please!

Pumpkin skull!

All aboard the Halloween Express!~

Halloween rules to live by.

More Halloween signs in various sizes.

An eerie serving bowl with skeleton hands.

These skeletons are in the Halloween spirit! Such a cute simple plate.

A Happy Halloween plate.

These Halloween bowls would be perfect to eat General Mills Monster Cereals in. 

A very festive light up pumpkin.

House of Boos~

These black skull candle holders would look great on a dining room table.

A friendly vampire with a for sale bat wings sign.

The face I make when it isn't October yet.

These serving platters are perfect for upcoming Halloween parties! Can totally picture worms and dirt cupcakes and other spooky creations being served on these.

A very detailed tombstone for a spooky graveyard.

I absolutely adore this sign! 

Ghoul love trapped in a snow-globe.

A pumpkin with a frightening grin. If it weren't for the glitter on the stem, this pumpkin would have come home with me. Still not loving glitter on Halloween decorations. 

Cute little spooks to haunt your home.

Another sign I absolutely love. 

Seriously, HomeGoods has a lot of great Halloween related signs this year. 

*insert creepy lullaby music here* 

Have you found any of the Halloween offerings pictured above at your local HomeGoods or did you spot other new delightfully ghoulish finds? 

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  1. Wow!! Love the Bone Appetite and Skull & Crown Inn Wall Boards...i hope to find those too.

    1. Aren't they great? I hope you find them!! :)