Friday, September 29, 2017

Halloween 2017 Finds at Home Depot

So Home Depot instantly became my new favorite store to shop at for Halloween decorations. I must admit I usually don't go to Home Depot for spooky decor but after my recent visit that needs to change. Their latest offerings for the best time of the year included something I love just as much as Halloween, which is dinosaurs. I don't think I have ever seen dinosaurs as part of any Halloween decorations before, can this become a thing please? 

Besides prehistoric monsters that I instantly feel in love with, Home Depot also had witches casting spells, projectors that display ghostly images, skeletons for days, haunted toasters and much more. They had a lot of neat items that I haven't seen anywhere else. Home Depot definitely spared no expense on their Halloween decor this year. 

So hold on to your butts and check out all my finds down below!

Can we talk about this massive t-rex for a second? I was losing my mind when I first saw it. This t-rex is 9 feet tall, has flashing red eyes and makes dinosaur noises. I can't even express how awesome this dino is. This is hands down the best Halloween decoration I will see all season, nothing else will convince me otherwise. 

They even have a hatching baby t-rex to go with the enormous t-rex! I have a mighty need! Just like the t-rex the baby dino's eyes glow red and makes dinosaur noises. I'm in love. 

I wish Home Depot had a gigantic triceratops to go with the t-rex skeleton. That skeleton spider was giving me the creeps. 

It's just a bunch of hocus pocus. 

Spooky, scary skeletons
Send shivers down your spine

It's not too often you see a haunted toaster. 

Home Depot had plenty of larger than life Halloween decorations to fit into any theme.

I've seen this pumpkin reaper before, he is pretty rad. 

This towering spirit has lights that flicker inside. I bet it will look eerie at night.

No bones about it, these skeleton horses are awesome too! I believe they had these last year.

Perfect for a mad scientist laboratory. 

Always love a classic jack-o-lantern face!

This motorcycle riding reaper reminds me of Ghost Rider. 

This ghoul slowly rises 6 inches into the air, it was pretty creepy in person.

These are some heavy duty tombstones. 

This gargoyle has some great detail. 

A variety of hanging ghouls and witches to choose from. 

Werewolves, mummies, and skeletons to haunt your porch on Halloween night. 

I wish this could of come home with me. You don't understand how much I wanted to buy this as well as the other dinosaur skeletons! I just wanted to fill a cart with nothing but skeleton dinosaurs and have no regrets. I'll definitely be back at Home Depot before the Halloween season ends just so I can admire these prehistoric beasts some more.

Have you purchased any Halloween decorations at your local Home Depot this year? What prop would you love to add to your yard?

This is only part of Home Depot's Halloween decorations, there is way more to see! To see the rest of Home Depot's Halloween offerings, visit their website

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween 2017 Schedule Is Here


How are there less than 50 days until Halloween already? This month is really flying by! I may not be ready for Halloween yet but Freeform is! Freeform (formerly know as ABC Family) has released their 13 Nights of Halloween 2017 line-up filled with enough frightfully fun films to get you ready for the best day of the year.  

This year's lineup includes Halloween classics we know and love like Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, The Nightmare before Christmas and other delightfully ghoulish films. Tim Burton is getting a lot of love in this year's schedule with an all day marathon dedicated to him on October 23rd. And if you can't get enough Hocus Pocus, don't worry there's a non stop marathon on Halloween day. So get ready by hunting down pumpkin spice popcorn (yep that's a real thing) and check out the 13 Nights of Halloween line-up down below. The annual spooky celebration will begin on Thursday, October 19th and end on Tuesday, October 31st. 

The full schedule for Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween can be viewed here.

What Halloween movies are you looking forward to watching?


Monday, September 11, 2017

The Making of Harry Potter Dark Arts Special Feature at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Calling all Harry Potter fans! How would you like to be surrounded by 100 floating pumpkins in the actual Great Hall set just like in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film? The only catch is you got to be in London this Halloween season. Starting Sunday October 1st - Sunday November 2nd, witches and wizards are invited to discover and explore the darker side of the Harry Potter films with enchanted floating pumpkins, death eaters and more at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. 

At this special feature, you'll be able to walk through a fully decorated Great Hall set complete with a Halloween feast and levitating pumpkins. Wand lessons will be available from Wand Choreographer, Paul Harris who will teach you how to defend yourself against the dark arts. You'll also be able to use those newly learned wand techniques against Death Eaters in a live duel experience. Death Eater costumes from the films will be on display as well to ganger at.

To learn more about this new seasonal addition at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and purchase tickets, visit their website:

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is also hosting a Hogwarts After Dark event for two nights only on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th in October! This event will feature a two-course dinner surrounded by costumes and props from the films, a journey through the Forbidden Forest with a dessert party afterwards with Buckbeak and Aragog, the chance to meet members of the prop making department, encounter roaming Death Eaters and so much more! 

This event is only open to witches and wizards that are over 18 only. Tickets are priced at £240pp and will go on sale at 10am BST on Tuesday September 12th. They will be available to purchase on the website provided below or by calling the Visitor Services Team on 0345-084-0900.

Both the Warner Bros. Studio Tour season addition and the event sound like a dream, I hope these special events will be available next year, will definitely be adding these to my Halloween bucket list!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cost Plus World Market's Halloween 2017 Offerings

I stopped by my local Cost Plus World Market yesterday to stock up on Zapp's Voodoo Potato Chips and to my surprise they had their shelves stocked with Halloween goodness! It almost feels like they put their items out earlier this year but then again we are already in the month of September. I think my mind is still thinking it's August and just wants Halloween time to go as slow as possible. 

Cost Plus World Market is one of the best places to shop for spooktacular festivities. Not only do they have items to give guests a frightfully good time, they have spooky accents for your home, a great deal of Día de Los Muertos decor and many Halloween goodies to choose from. I was sad to see they didn't have their line of Universal Monsters decor and kitchenware out like they had the previous year. I was hoping to see other Universal Monsters like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Wolfman join their collection but they still had lots of other Halloween goodies to enjoy. 

Check out my finds down below!

World Market had plenty of spooky themed beverages for various Halloween celebrations. 

Some of their new Halloween soda options include: Dr. Jekyll Pepper Elixir, Salem Sister's Bad Apple Soda, Cheshire's Vanishing Creme Soda and Ghoulish Grape Soda. 

Can't forget Jone's soda!

No bones about it, these chips are delicious!  

Tricks and treats!

How neat are these chocolate skulls?

I love the retro appearance of these chocolate ghosts and witches. 

Seriously, this packaging is too cute. 

Haunted with a mysterious flavor!

My favorite!

I feel this should be included with the other Halloween food offerings they have. I found it towards the back of their store.

Skull decor to haunt your home. Those pillows are very unique, I couldn't stop looking at them.

Here's the pillows side by side.

The design on these LED candles are pretty neat.

Endless amount of Día de Los Muertos items to choose from.

I think it's cute that Cost Plus World Market always has a Día de Los Muertos themed rubber duck.

Gotta love vintage Halloween style decor!

A closer look!

The most adorable Halloween coloring book you'll ever see.

These skeletons are ready for Halloween. 

World Market has a variety of skeleton animals available. That skeleton dog on the top middle right has the face I make when I see Halloween stuff.

I think these skeleton gators are new for this year.

This wolf rug makes howling noises and the eyes light up. 

Gold and black skull kitchenware for elegant Halloween parties.

What do you think of the Halloween offerings at Cost Plus World Market this year?

To see the rest of Cost Plus World Market's Halloween items visit their website

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Halloween 2017 Finds at HomeGoods Part 1

Happy September, Halloween fans! I can't believe how fast Halloween is approaching us. We are less than 60 days away! The most spookiest time of the year will be here before you know it, I'm so glad I have already started my Halloween shopping. Over these past weeks, I've been stalking my local HomeGoods stores to catch the first glimpses of their Halloween goodness. It's been fun watching their holiday shelves turn into a black and orange color palette. 

HomeGoods has always been one of my favorite stores for Halloween goodies. I have found some great items over the years, they never disappoint! I came across the usual kitchenware, signs, snow-globes, candles, props and decorations this year. They also had a lot of busts present, more than they have had in the past I think. You can see them as well as the rest of my spooky finds down below. If you haven't already, check out your local HomeGoods store. You never know what Halloween treasures you'll find. 

Here are my Halloween finds that I discovered at my local HomeGoods stores, enjoy!

That Halloween donut themed towel is the cutest! 

Ghostface is that you?

Skull with a diamond mohawk? That's not something you see everyday.

Tick, tock! Halloween is approaching!

Just a spooky gargoyle. 

How cute are these cookie jars and bowls? There is a single ghost and cat design on the inside bottom of the jar and bowl as well.

At first I thought this Halloween themed slot machine was just for decoration but it's actually a cabinet. Good for keeping Halloween treasures safe. 

Here's the inside. 

An eager skeleton waiting for Halloween.

This decoration would be right at home in Pennywise's room full of creepy clown dolls from the upcoming IT 2017 film.

This piece looks like it goes with the skull toss decoration. Sadly it looks like someone or something broke his boney fingers.

Halloween pasta is a Halloween essential! 

This counts as Halloween pasta, right? 

Till death do us part. 

Love the bat bowtie!

These skeleton wine glasses are the coolest thing ever. I regret not buying them when I was there. HomeGoods tip! If you see something you love, buy it because on your next visit it will disappear...

I would love to have two of these guarding my house at all times. 

I love how the bike is made of bones.

These ghouls look like they are up to no good. 

These busts are ready for a elegant masquerade party. 

This Count & Countess Dracula statue is absolutely boo-tiful. 

Here's the same statue but in snow-globe form, how cool is that?

A variety of Frankenstein's Monster busts in various sizes. 

Wouldn't this Frankenstein's Monster and Bride of Frankenstein statue look great next to the Count & Countess Dracula statue?

Here's a towel to go with the statue. 

Haunted house or pumpkin patch? Decisions, decisions...

These skull glasses are very dapper.

This trick or treat wooden sign has a very vintage like appearance. 

Halloween ghouls ready for a spooktacular adventure. 

What did you think of the HomeGoods Halloween offerings this year? Has any of the offerings followed you home?

Stay tuned for part 2!

Check out my Halloween HomeGoods finds from last year in the meantime! -> Part 1 & Part 2

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