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Tasting Halloween Snacks from Japan Crate

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean the treats have to end! I've been wanting to try out Japan Crate for awhile now ever since I saw their October themed crate last year. From seeing photos online, Japan is home to some extremely adorable themed food. And to make that food even cuter they usually wrap it up in packaging that is to die for. As you all know I am a sucker for cute packaging, so I already know this box will be a win for me based on the packaging alone.

If you have never heard of Japan Crate before, it's a subscription box that sends a variety of Japanese snacks and candies right to your doorstep straight from Japan. The treats you receive are a mystery although they do revealed some hints on their social media pages. There are three options to choose from, mini, original and premium. I purchased the premium option because I wanted to try as many Halloween treats as possible! Here's a quick run down of the three options:

-5 Items

-10 Items

-18-20 Items
-Includes drink
-1 DIY Kit Guaranteed
-Limited Edition Bonus Item

On to the treats! Here's everything that came in Japan Crate's Premium October box in no particular order.

Each Japan Crate comes with a very helpful booklet about everything that's included in the box. 

I provided the descriptions for each candy and snack that I received in the box down below!

Halloween Pepsi Midnight

"Sip this special edition Pepsi, infused with favor of cassis. It is meant to be enjoyed in the afterglow of the evening so it's fitting to enjoy during Halloween night."

I didn't know what cassis was before Japan Crate but after one google search later, I discovered it's black current. It doesn't taste too different from a regular Pepsi to be honest, just has a slight fruitiness to it. I don't normally drink Pepsi on my own but I totally would if it had fun packaging like this.

Halloween Tsubu Gummy

"Try these jelly bean like gummies in ramune, cola, apple, grape, and a mystery secret "zombie" flavor!"

When I read the description, I wasn't quite sure what to think of "zombie" flavor. I was just hoping this candy wasn't anything like the Bertie Bott's Beans. You know the jelly beans with such amazing flavors like earthworm and dirt? Yum! I'm happy to report "zombie" flavor is pretty darn good and doesn't taste gross at all, just fruity. 

Halloween Kit Kat

"Take a break of these Halloween themed Kit Kats! Each wrapper features a character that encourages sign language."

Can't go wrong with Kit Kats! Just tasted like a normal Kit Kat to me but since they had a Halloween themed wrapper it instantly enhanced the taste. If you didn't know already, Halloween packaging makes whatever your eating taste way better. The more you know! 


"Take a break from all the candy with this cheesy snack. This tasty biscuit has a crispy and flaky consistency with a sweet, creamy cheese taste for a unique cheese snack experience."

This biscuit looked like a giant rectangular Cheeto and tasted like one too. The flavor was salty cheese on the outside and creamy cheese on the inside. It was really good and flavorful! 

Burnt Caramel Osatsudoki

"Satisfy your sweet and savory cravings with these chips coated in butter specially sourced from Hokkaido (known for their dairy and agriculture). The burnt caramel flavor brings out the richness of the sweet potato chip for a unique and delicious experience."

One of my favorite snacks in the box! It's the perfect fall treat, smelled just like freshly made caramel apples. The combination of the caramel flavor and the sweet potato go perfect together. So yummy!

Chibikko Mikan

"Don't fall for this trick! This isn't a stack of pumpkins but a stack of mikan (mandarins). This cute package contains delicious orange flavored candies."

I was really hoping this was an adorable stack of pumpkins when I first saw them in the box. Don't get me wrong the packaging is still cute but not as cute as a stack of pumpkins would have been! Anyways, these tiny crunchy candies had a nice sweet orange flavor to them. I can see myself taking these little sweets on the go for a quick sugar fix but due to their size, I have a feeling these candies won't last very long.

Halloween Alphabet Chocolate

"Enjoy these delicious Halloween themed chocolates. There are three flavors: milk, vanilla and pumpkin pudding. Which was your flavor?"

Delectable chocolates sealed in delightful ghoulish packaging, what's not to love? My favorite flavor was the pumpkin pudding due to my love of all things pumpkin!  

Halloween Choco Bat

"This chocolate bat is a special Halloween version of a classic Japanese chocolate treat that has been around since 1964. The package typically features a baseball player but this time he is dressed up as a witch, using a scepter as a bat!"

Nice tasty chocolate on the outside with a crispy biscuit on the inside. From the description I was expecting it to be just chocolate so I was surprised by the biscuit inside. I'm glad it wasn't all chocolate, this was better. 

Akabe Kurobe Gum

"Watch this gum magically transform your tongue color to a bright red color or black color!"

It's not just a bunch of hocus pocus, it really does turn your tongue colors and tasted great too. The description didn't say what the flavor would be, to me it tasted like soda. 

Makai Drink Succhimaoze

"Succhi Mao is a devil from Hell that is excited about making the special Makai (Hell) drink made from the "konuts" of the big tree called, "kini naru ki" found in Hell. When he drinks it up he becomes Super Succhi Mao as seen on the cup! Help Succhi Mao blend up his concoction so he can transform into Super Succhi Mao." 

I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into after reading that description. I thought this would be a harmless DIY. Boy, was I wrong. Hell drink? Yeah, I would call it that. The end result looked really neat but the taste, yuck! It tasted just like nasty grape medicine. I could only take a few sips before it was down the sink. I will say I was super thankful that the booklet included English directions to make the drink, otherwise I would have had to hunt them down on the internet. 

Halloween Koala March

"Our familiar koala friends are ready to celebrate Halloween! Each koala is dressed up for just the occasion. Which costume is your favorite?" 

I knew these adorable snacks right away! I had these snacks all the time in middle school and still do! If you haven't had any Koala March cookies before, you're missing out. Each cookie has an adorable koala design on a crunchy outer shell with a creamy and smooth chocolate filling inside. I wish there was more in the box, one little bag is not enough! 

Skeleton Ramune

"Piece the ramune candy together to make a skeleton! Keep the bones safe in its cute coffin inspired case."

Another treat that reminds me of my childhood, we have a very similar treat here in the US. At least I think we still do, I haven't seen them for a few years. I can never turn down the opportunity to make a spooky scary skeleton.  

Horror Mask

"Spook your friends with this instant horror costume. Each pack comes with a scary mask and apple candy."

Got some Heath Ledger Joker vibes from the mask I received. It appears I already have my Halloween costume for next year. The little candies that were included with the mask tasted very similar to the Chibikko Mikan candies, tangy yet sweet. 

Halloween Tara Tara

"Tara means cod, the type of fish used to make these dried fish strips. The mascot is saying "Don't be Tara Tara", or don't move slowly, playing on the fish meaning of tara and the slow/lazy meaning of "tara tara".

Dried fish strips? No thank you! Going to have take a pass on this one boils and ghouls. The Halloween packaging is awesome I'll give it that but I need this terrifying snack far far away from me.

Halloween Mini Rumando

"Bite into crispy and flaky deliciousness, Rumando is a thinly baked crepe cookie coated in a caramel and cocoa cream. MMM!"

It tasted like a flakier version of a Kit Kat. I could eat a bunch of these. I'm a very big fan of the little spook on the wrapper. 

Halloween Fettuccine Gumi

"Fettuccine Gumi is a popular staple of Japanese gummy snacks! The gummy pieces look like fettuccine noodles. This package is decorated with Disney Tsum Tsums in Halloween costumes! Share them with your friends and family or save a stash for yourself!"

Can we appreciate how cute this packaging is for a moment? I'm obsessed with it! Each package has a different Disney character, including Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Daisy. These gummies had a very strong flavor, the grape flavor was spot on. Pretty sour but very enjoyable. 

Halloween Kyachan

"These fun hard candies change color and taste as you eat them. They start purple with a grape flavor and can change to pink peach, yellow lemon, and blue apple. Look out for a special gold leaf Kyachan candy in each pack! Also have a little fun by cutting out the cute Halloween shape on the back and taping it to a stick for a fun photo prop."

Cuteness overload! It's hard to determine which snack has the cutest packaging in this box. It's a hard call between this one and the Halloween Fettuccine Gumi packaging. I didn't see them change color when I tried it but I could taste the flavor changing from grape to peach. Very neat concept. The adorable character on the package is even on the candy itself. I'm dying! That's it, I'm moving to Japan! 

Peko Peko Konpeito

"Konpeito is a traditional Japanese sweet with a taste similar to rock candy! While Konpeito is often multicolored, these are in a special Halloween color and packaged with fun Halloween monsters on the wrapper."

Pumpkin King, is that you? Just tasted like sugary goodness and it also turned my tongue purple, which was a fun surprise. It would have been fun to have a bunch of these to give out on Halloween. 

Scary Story Gum

"Each one of these gum packs comes with a spooky story and a curse card that can either bless you with sweet dreams or a troubling nightmare! If you're too scared to uncover the mystery alone, surround yourself with the safety of friends and family."

Saved possibly the scariest snack for last. I can't read Japanese so unfortunately I can't read the spooky story or tell if I'm cursed from the curse card. So I got nothing to worry about, right? The story won't give me nightmares but that creepy girl on the gum package will. The gum just tasted like any normal gum, I hope the gum wasn't cursed too. 

Overall, I highly enjoyed my first Japan Crate! As a fan of all things Halloween, this box was a winner in my book. I usually spend way too much to have adorable Japanese Halloween snacks sent to me. In the past I have spent $15 on one item alone. So receiving over 18 items for just 35 bucks the value is definitely worth it. I loved the variety that was included in this box, no snack tasted the same. My favorite items in the box would have to be the Burnt Caramel Osatsudoki and the Halloween Kyachan. Nothing was tossed out except for that horrific Hell drink, so gross! The packaging was a feast for the eyes and made me want to go to Japan even more now, during the Halloween season of course. I initially only wanted to just try out Japan Crate's October box but wouldn't mind checking out other months as well. I know for sure that I will want to try out their crate for October again.

If you would like to know more about Japan Crate and their other subscriptions they offer, check out their website:


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