Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I Went to a Hocus Pocus Themed Tea Party at Tyme for Tea & Co

This past weekend, I went to a Halloween themed tea party centering around the beloved film, Hocus Pocus at Tyme for Tea & Co. This place is a hidden gem located in the historic part of Fremont, California. Not only do they serve tea and delectable sandwiches, but also sell antiques and small trinkets. They have different tea packages to choose from but the holiday tea parties are my favorite and are always a wonderful experience. They usually have four holiday themed tea events throughout the year, which include Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day. The prices do change for the holiday tea events, but roughly stay around the $40 range. The Halloween themed tea party is always a must for me.

Before I dive into the review, here's some photos of the tea room and the delightful ghoulish decorations!

Someone lit the black flame candle...

Love this wall decoration!

Plenty of witchy decor placed throughout the room.

The menu for the Hocus Pocus Brew Ball:

Started off the tea party with a lovely cup of pumpkin spiced chai tea, which came in an adorable and appropriate themed teapot. Can we talk about how cute that teapot is for a second? I don't think I have ever seen a Hocus Pocus themed teapot before, it looks like they made them just for the event. They get extra points for theming! Besides pumpkin tea, they also had a champagne cocktail and sparkling cider to choose from. 

Next up was the pumpkin spice scone with caramel pecan butter. The scone tasted warm and fresh like it just came out of the oven. The butter was to die for, it went with the scone perfectly. I need that recipe asap! 

The main course arrived on the cutest spider-web serving tray I have ever seen. This savory tower of ghoulish delights featured a cucumber & blood sandWITCH, cast a spell chicken pecan sandWITCH, witch warts cheese and corn crostini, ham & cheese sandWITCH, and brie pinwheel with pineapple chipotle sauce. Even though the sandwiches look quite small, I assure you they will magically leave you quite full. Each item presented on the menu is portioned for one individual.

The first sandWITCH I had my eye on was the ham & cheese. You can go wrong with ham and cheese, especially warm melted cheese. Simple yet tasty!

The brie pinwheel with pineapple chipotle sauce was my favorite of the bunch. I had it before at their previous tea parties and it is still one of my favorites. It's the right amount of spicy and sweet.

The cucumber & blood sandWITCH was bloody delicious! This staple sandwich of cucumber and cream cheese got a Halloween makeover.

The next treat was the cast a spell chicken pecan sandWITCH. And it did indeed cast a spell on me, the tenderness of the chicken paired well with the cruchiness of the pecans. So good!

Another treat with warm gooey cheese, I'm sold! The witch warts cheese and corn crostini was another one of my favorites. I liked the idea where they called the corn witches warts. Fun idea!

Last, but not least was the final course with bewitching desserts! The desserts included a red velvet cupcake, spell book brownie, a Binx cat cookie, and Halloween petit fours. By the time I got to the desserts, I was pretty full but I had to try a few of them. The Binx cookie and spell book brownie were calling my name! Both desserts tasted very fresh and the brownie was packed with chocolate goodness. I like how they included the "human eye",  it's all about the details! I ended up taking the other half of desserts home to enjoy with some spooky films later. 

Overall, the Hocus Pocus Brew Ball was a frightfully good time! Everything tasted so fresh and homemade. The service was great as always, very welcoming. There wasn't any point during the tea party that I felt rushed. It was pricey, but it was worth it! I highly recommend that if you are near Fremont and enjoy high tea to give this place a try. I also highly recommend making reservations for any of the holiday themed teas as soon as you can due to the fact they sell out quite fast. I can't wait to see what theme they come up for next Halloween and look forward running amok amok amok to their next tea party.

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